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NG Article Index 1950-1953

JAN - Nepal, Key West, Polynesian Islands, Tristan Islands, El Sangay.
	- Peerless Nepal - A Naturalist's Paradise
	- From Indian Canoes to Submarines at Key West
	- Shores and Sails in the South Seas
	- New Life for the "Lonliest Isle"
	- El Sangay, Fire-breathing Giant of the Andes
FEB - Formosa, Ohio River, Kunming, Ancient Panama, Birds of Paradise.
	- Formosa - Hot Spot of the East
	- So Much Happens Along the Ohio River
	- Kunming Pilgrimage
	- Exploring Ancient Panama by Helicopter
	- Strange Courtship of Birds of Paradise
MAR - Africa Map, Massachusetts Landmarks, East Africa, African Wildlife, Chinese Fishermen, California Wildlife.
	- Map of Africa
	- Literary Landmarks of Massachusetts
	- Britain Tackles the East African Bush
	- Roaming Africa's Unfenced Zoos
	- Trawling the China Seas
	- The Society's New Map of Africa
	- Wildlife in and near the Valley of the Moon
APR - Spain, Arizona Sheep, Kew Gardens, Frog Voices, Kapingamarangi, Okinawa.
	- Speaking of Spain
	- Arizona Sheep Trek
	- Kew: The Commoners' Royal Garden
	- Voices of the Night
	- Feast Day in Kapingamarangi
	- Okinawa, Pacific Outpost
MAY - Charlottesville, Japan, Venuzuelan Ibis, Library of Congress, Praying Mantis.
	- Mr Jefferson's Charlottesville
	- Japan Tries Freedom's Road
	- Search for the Scarlet Ibis in Venezuela
	- The Nation's Library
	- Praying Mantis
JUN - Northwest US, Montana, Vienna Treasures, South Korea, Lightning.
	- Map of Northwestern United States and Neighboring Canadian Provinces
	- Montana, Shining Mountain Treasureland
	- The Vienna Treasures and Their Collectors
	- Roaming Korea South of the Iron Curtain
	- Lightning in Action
	- New Northwest Map Completes the National Geographic Series of the United States.
JUL - US Bus Tour, Paris, Susquehanna, Fiji.
	- You Can't Miss America by Bus
	- Home Life in Paris Today
	- Down the Susquehanna by Canoe
	- Copra-ship Voyage to Fiji's Outlying Islands
AUG - New England Sailing, London, Switzerland, Porcupines, St Helena.
	- Windjamming Around New England
	- A Stroll to London
	- Switzerland Guards the Roof of Europe
	- Porcupines, Rambling Pincushions
	- St Helena: the Forgotten Island
SEP - Jet Planes, St Lawrence Seaway, Delmarva Peninsula, Mt Palomar Observatory.
	- Flying in the "Blowtorch" Era
	- Sea to Lakes on the St Lawrence
	- "Delmarva," Gift of the Sea
	- Mapping the Unknown Universe
OCT - South America, Peru, Puya, Bolivia, Indochina, V-2 Rocket, Golden Trout, Hurricane Tracking.
	- New Map of South America
	- Peru, Homeland of the Warlike Inca
	- Puya, the Pineapple's Andean Ancestor
	- Sky-high Bolivia
	- New National Geographic South America Map
	- Strife-torn Indochina
	- Seeing the Earth from 80 Miles Up
	- Lake Sunapee's Golden Trout
	- Men Against the Hurricane
NOV - Miami, Vizcaya, Baltic Cruise, Marines, Afghanistan.
	- Miami's Expanding Horizons
	- Vizcaya: An Indian Palazzo in Miami
	- Baltic Cruise of the Caribbee
	- Here Come the Marines
	- We Took the Highroad in Afghanistan
DEC - Western Europe, Holy Land, Holland, Gems, Postal Ship, Darius.
	- Map of Western Europe
	- Mid-Century Holland Builds Her Future
	- Exploring the World of Gems
	- Large-scale Western Europe Map
	- J W Westcott, Postman for the Great Lakes
	- Darius Carved History on Ageless Rock

JAN - Indonesia, Mesopotamia, Merrimack River.
	- Republican Indonesia Tries Its Wings
	- Ancient Mesopotamia: A Light That Did Not Fail
	- The Merrimack: River of Industry and Romance
FEB - Yugoslavia, American History Paintings, United Nations Flags, Isla Raza Sea Birds, Nuba Hillmen.
	- Yugoslavia, Between East and West
	- American Processional: History on Canvas
	- Flags of the United Nations
	- Sea Birds of Isla Raza, Baja California
	- With the Nuba Hillmen of Kordofan
MAR - Asia Map, Long Island, Orient Cruise, African Elephants, Thousand Buddhas.
	- Long Island Outgrows the Country
	- Yankee Roams the Orient
	- Africa's Uncaged Elephants
	- The Caves of the Thousand Buddhas
	- New National Geographic Map Shows Changes in Asia and Europe
APR - Puerto Rico, Indochina, Yosemite, Seville Fair, Pefume, Little Diomede.
	- Growing Pains Beset Puerto Rico
	- Portrait of Indichina
	- Yosemite National Park
	- Holy Week and the Fair in Sevilla
	- Perfume, the Business of Illusion
	- Alaska's Russian Frontier: Little Diomede
MAY - New England Mountains, Ladakh, Andros Flamingos, Ireland, Sequoias, Fireflies.
	- Mountains Top Off New England
	- A Journey to "Little Tibet"
	- Flamingos' Last Stand on Andros Island
	- I Walked Some Irish Miles
	- Saving Earth's Oldest Living Things
	- Torchbearers of the Twilight
JUN - US Map, Occupied Austria, Birds, Fredericksburg Dog Mart, Lake George.
	- Map of the United States of America
	- A Map Maker Looks at the United States
	- Occupied Austria, Outpost of Democracy
	- The Bird's Year
	- Dog Mart Day in Fredericksburg
	- The National Geographic Society's New Map
	- Alaska's Automatic Lake Drains Itself
JUL - Languedoc, Longwood Gardens, Labrador, Spanish Silkworms, Wood, Idaho Loggers.
	- France's Past Lives in Languedoc
	- Wonderland in Longwood Gardens
	- Labrador Canoe Adventure
	- Spain's Silkworm Gut
	- Versatile Wood Waits on Man
	- Idaho Loggers Battle a River
AUG - Turkey, Colorado, Dragonflies, Siena, Hummingbirds, Tribal Music.
	- Turkey Paves the Path of Progress
	- Colorado's Friendly Topland
	- Dragonflies, Rainbows on the Wing
	- The Palio of Siena
	- Freezing the Flight of Hummingbirds
	- Hunting Musical Game in West Africa
SEP - Central Europe Map, North Dakota, American Fruit, Venice, Folger Library.
	- North Dakota Comes Into Its Own
	- The National Geographic Society's New Map
	- How Fruit Came to America
	- A Stroll to Venice
	- Folger: Biggest Little Library
OCT - Iran, Arctic Expedition, Duck Photography, Natural Gas.
	- Journey into Troubled Iran
	- Far North with "Captain Mac"
	- Duck Hunting with a Color Camera
	- The Eternal Flame, Natural Gas
NOV - DAR, Iceland, Rockhounds, New Guinea Birds, Berlin.
	- The DAR Story
	- Iceland Tapestry
	- "Rockhounds" Uncover Mineral Beauty
	- New Guinea's Paradise of Birds
	- Berlin, Island in a Soviet Sea
DEC - World Map, World Trip, National Bureau of Standards, Mexico City, Jericho.
	- New Map of the World
	- "Around the World in Eighty Days"
	- Our Narrowing World
	- Uncle Sam's House of 1000 Wonders
	- Mexico's Booming Capital
	- The Ghosts of Jericho

JAN - Chubb Crater, Cattle and Hogs, National Gallery of Art, Suez, Planet Earth.
	- Color Supplement "Adoration of the Magi"
	- Solving the Riddle of Chubb Crater
	- America's "Meat on the Hoof"
	- King Ranch, Cattle Empire in Texas
	- Your National Gallery of Art
	- The Spotlight Swings to Suez
	- Our Home Town Planet, Earth
FEB - Lincoln Family Trek, Bimini, Yemen, Astronomy, Zanzibar.
	- Vacation Tour Through Lincoln Land
	- Man of War Fleet Attacks Bimini
	- Yemen Opens the Door to Progress
	- Our Universe Unfolds New Wonders
	- Clove Scented Zanzibar
MAR - North America Map, Michigan, Congo, Barbados, Takahe Bird, Assam Tibet Earthquake.
	- New Map of North America
	- Work Hard, Play Hard Michigan
	- White Magic in the Belgian Congo
	- Barbados, Outrider of the Antilles
	- Finding an "Extinct" New Zealand Bird
	- Caught in the Assam Tibet Earthquake
	- North America's Altered Face
APR - New Zealand, Hays Kansas, Fur Seal, Portsmouth England, French Alpine Sheep.
	- New Zealand, Pocket Wonder World
	- Hays, Kansas, at the Nation's Heart
	- The Fur Seal Herd Comes of Age
	- Portsmouth, Britannia's Sally Port
	- Sheep Trek in the French Alps
MAY - Portuguese Fleet, West Point, Cyprus, Turtles, Northern Europe.
	- I Sailed with Portugal's Captains Courageous
	- The Making of a West Pointer
	- Cyprus, Idyllic Island in a Troubled Sea
	- Nature's Tank, the Turtle
	- Thumbs Up Round the North Sea's Rim
JUN - Southwest Asia Map, Four Corners, Turkish Soviet Border, Paris, Iranian Shepherds, Parachutes, Southwest Asia.
	- New Map of Southwest Asia
	- Roaming the West's Fantastic Four Corners
	- Where Turk and Russian Meet
	- Paris, Home Town of the World
	- We Dwelt in Kashgai Tents
	- Graduation by Parachute
	- Southwest Asia Again Makes History
JUL - Delaware River, Plankton, Western Alaska, Skye Island, Golf Courses, Mohawks in Brroklyn.
	- Today on the Delaware, Penn's Glorious River
	- Strange Babies of the Sea
	- North Star Cruises Alaska'a Wild West
	- Over the Sea to Scotland's Skye
	- Playing 3,000 Golf Courses in Fourteen Lands
	- The Mohawks Scrape the Sky
AUG - Washington D.C., Himalayas, Insects, Canadian Caribou, Water.
	- U.S. Capitol, Citadel of Democracy
	- High Adventure in the Himalayas
	- Back Yard Monsters in Color
	- Canada Counts its Caribou
	- Water for the World's Growing Needs
SEP - Far East Map, Indochina, Maine Coast, Amazon, Southwest Giant Drawings, Penguins.
	- New 10 Color Map of the Far East
	- Indochina Faces the Dragon
	- Down East Cruise
	- Jungle Jaunt on Amazon Headwaters
	- Giant Effigies of the Southwest
	- Seeking the Secret of the Giants
	- Nature's Clown, the Penguin
	- Far East's Turmoil Shakes the Globe
OCT - Undersea Explorations, Smokies, Pennsylvania Dutch, Tarascan Civilization, Holy Land.
	- Fish Men Explore a New World Undersea
	- Pack Trip Through the Smokies
	- Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Festival
	- Lost Kingdom in Indian Mexico
	- Pilgrimage to Holy Land and the Farnes
NOV - Columbia River, US Submarines, Pakistan, Marineland, Brazil Jungle.
	- From Sagebrush to Roses on the Columbia
	- Our Navy's Long Submarine Arm
	- Pakistan, New Nation in an Old Land
	- Marineland, FLorida's Giant Fish Bowl
	- The Jungle Was My Home
DEC - Pacific Ocean Map, Bhutan, La Jolla, Kuwait, Yap, Bethlehem Pilgrimage, Hashemite Jordan.
	- New 10 Color Map of the Pacific Ocean
	- Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon
	- La Jolla, a Gem of the California Coast
	- Boom Time in Kuwait
	- The Pacific, Where East and West Meet
	- Grass skirted Yap
	- Pilgrims Follow the Christmas Star
	- Hashemite Jordan, Arab Heartland

JAN - Northern Virginia, Trinidad and Tobago, New York Bird Market, Cosmic Rays, Key West, Planets, Groote Eylandt.
	- Across the Potomac from Washington
	- Happy Go Lucky Trinidad and Tobago
	- Exotic Birds in Manhattan's Bowery
	- Trailing Cosmic Rays in Canada's North
	- Tropical Gardens of Key West
	- First Photographs of Planets
	- From Spear to Hoe on Groote Eylandt
FEB - New Orleans, Malaya, Vezelay, Sudan, Poorwill Bird.
	- New Orleans: Jambalaya on the Levee
	- Malaya Meets Its Emergency
	- Vezelay, Hill of the Pilgrims
	- South in the Sudan
	- Poorwill Sleeps Away the Winter
MAR - Mexico and Central America Map, South Carolina, Guanajuato, Aegean Islands, Pyrenees Ice Caves, Opossum.
	- New 10 Color Map of Mexico and Central America
	- South Carolina Rediscovered
	- Experiment in International Living
	- On the Winds of the Dodecanese
	- Probing Ice Caves of the Pyrenees
	- Br'er Possum, Hermit of the Lowlands
	- National Geographic Map Shows Neighbor Lands South of the Border
APR - New Guinea, Arctic Ice Island, China Coast, Georgetown, Locusts.
	- New Guinea's Rare Birds and Stone Age Men
	- Three Months on an Arctic Ice Island
	- Eyes on the China Coast
	- Washington's Historic Georgetown
	- Report from the Locust Wars
	- The Society's Hubbard Medal Awarded to Commander MacMillan
MAY - Survival Training, Wild Flowers, Korean Children, India Temple Caves, Macau, English Silworms, Harold Edgerton.
	- American Wild Flower Odyssey
	- The GI and the Kids of Korea
	- India's Sculptured Temple Caves
	- Macau, a Hole in the Bamboo Curtain
	- Silkworms in England Spin for the Queen
	- Burr Prizes Awarded to Dr Edgerton and Dr Van Biesbroeck
JUN - United States Map, Lewis and Clark, Louisiana Purchase, Regent's Park, Virginia Mansions, New England Fathers, Nevada Nuclear Test Ranges.
	- New 10 Color Historical Map of the United States
	- Following the Trail of Lewis and Clark
	- Map Marks 150th Anniversary
	- Eight Maps of Discovery
	- London's Zoo of Zoos
	- Stately Homes of Old Virginia
	- Founders of New England
	- Nevada Learns to Live with the Atom
JUL - Mecca, Gibbon, Gloucester Fleet, Commodore Perry, Northwest Glaciers, Dublin Horse Show, Cicadas.
	- From America to Mecca on Airborne Pilgrimage
	- The Ape with Friends in Washington
	- Gloucester Blesses Its Portuguese Fleet
	- The Yankee Sailor Who Opened Japan
	- Climbing Our Northwest Glaciers
	- Dublin's Historic Horse Show
	- Rip Van Winkle of the Underground
	- Current Scientific Projects of The National Geographic Society
AUG - African Safari, US Agricultural Research Center, Mount McKinley, Panama Prehistory.
	- Safari Through Changing Africa
	- Beltsville Brings Science to the Farm
	- Mount McKinley Conquered by New Route
	- Wildlife of Mount McKinley National Park
	- Hunting Prehistory in Panama Jungles
SEP - London, Arizona, Crickets, Yukon, Afghanistan.
	- In the London of the New Queen
	- From Tucson to Tombstone
	- Crickets, Nature's Expert Fiddlers
	- Along the Yukon Trail
	- American Family in Afghanistan
OCT - China Coast and Korea Map, Carlsbad Caverns, Peary, Hunza, Shetland and Orkney, US Far East Navy.
	- New 10 Color Map of the China Coast and Korea
	- Carlsbad Caverns in Color
	- We Followed Peary to the Pole
	- At World's End in Hunza
	- Shetland and Orkney, Britain's Far North
	- Our Navy in the Far East
	- National Geographic Map Presents the Troubled Face of East Asia
NOV - Straits of Messina Fish, Japanese Inland Sea, Mount Vernon, Norway, Crete, Tehran.
	- Fishing in the Whirlpool of Charybdis
	- Cruising Japan's Inland Sea
	- Mount Vernon Lives On
	- Native's Return to Norway
	- Crete, Cradle of Western Civilization
	- We Lived in Turbulent Tehran
DEC - Great Lakes Map, Aviation History, Aeronotic Research, Illinois, Great Lakes Region, Ontario, Jericho.
	- New 10 Color Map of the Great Lakes Region
	- Aviation Looks Ahead on Its 50th Birthday
	- Fifty Years of Flight
	- Fact Finding for Tomorrow's Planes
	- Illinois: Healthy Heart of a Nation
	- Presenting the Historic Great Lakes Region
	- Ontario, Pivot of Canada's Power
	- Jericho Gives Up Its Secrets

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