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NG Article Index 1940-1944

JAN - Denmark, Whales, Porpoises, Dolphins, Sothampton, Everglades.
	- On Danish By Lanes
	- Denmark: Land of Tranquility
	- Whales, Giants of the Sea
	- Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins
	- Southampton, Gateway to London
	- South Florida's Amazing Everglades
FEB - Rubber, French Farms, Finland, Holland.
	- Our Most Versatile Vegetable Product
	- Rubber: From Trees to Tires to Toys
	- France Farms as War Wages
	- Some French Pastorals
	- Flashes from Finland
	- Behind Netherlands Sea Ramparts
	- Home Life and Industry in the Netherlands
MAR - Ancient Mediterranean, Greece, Aegean Islands, Italy, Rome, Turkey, Romanian Caviar.
	- Map Supplement of Classical Lands of the Mediterranean
	- Modern Odyssey in Classic Lands
	- Today's Evidence of Grecian Glory
	- Map Links Classic World with 1940
	- Santorin and Mykonos, Aegean Gems
	- Italy, From Roman Ruins to Radio
	- Bright Facets of Italy's Grandeur
	- Italy's Monuments Tell Rome's Magnificence
	- Turkey, Where Earthquakes Followed Timur's Trail
	- Caviar Fishermen of Romania
APR - Nile, Egypt, Caracas, Venezuela, Washington DC, Hong Kong, North Wales.
	- By Felucca Down the Nile
	- Under Egypt's Golden Sun
	- Caracas, Cradle of the Liberator
	- Venezuela's Capital: City of Contrasts
	- Washington by Night
	- 1940 Paradox in Hong Kong
	- Sheep Dog Trials in Llangollen
MAY - Europe, Near East, Nova Scotia, Colombia, Ireland, Golden Eagle.
	- Special Map Supplement of Europe and the Near East
	- Salty Nova Scotia
	- Tartan Tints New Scotland
	- New Map of Europe Records War Changes
	- Stone Idols of Colombia Reveal a Vanished People
	- Old Ireland, Mother of New Eire
	- When Irish Skies Are Smiling
	- In Quest of the Golden Eagle
JUN - Southwest US Map, Aerial Photography, Yellowstone, Sweden, Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
	- Map Supplment of the Southwestern United States
	- Seeing Our Spanish Southwest
	- Aerial Color Photography Becomes a War Weapon
	- Southwest Trails from Horse to Motor
	- Fabulous Yellowstone
	- Where Geysers Spout
	- Rural Sweden Through American Eyes
	- Under Swedish Roofs and Skies
	- Where Nature Runs Riot
	- Fantastic Dwellers on the Great Barrier Reef
JUL - National Gallery of Art, Celebes, Singapore, Greenland.
	- Old Masters in a New National Gallery
	- The Celebes: New man's Land of the Indies
	- Behind the News in Singapore
	- Greenland from 1898 to Now
AUG - West Virginia, England, Gorilla, Apes, Malta.
	- West Virginia: Treasure Chest of Industry
	- Through the Mountain State
	- Britain Just Before the Storm
	- Canals and Pageants of Peacetime England
	- Man's Closest Counterparts
	- Apes of Jungle and Mountain
	- Along England's Harassed Coast
	- Wanderer's Awheel in Malta
SEP - US Virginian Islands, Caribbean, Mexico, Gibraltar, Tuna.
	- The American Virgins
	- Island Treasures of the Caribbean
	- Great Stone Faces of Mexico
	- On the Cortes Trail
	- In Montezuma's Painted Land
	- The Rock of Gibraltar
	- The Tuna Harvest of the Sea
OCT - Philippines, Silk Routes, Alaska, Columbia, Kangaroo Rat.
	- Return to Manila
	- Smiling, Happy Philippines
	- Along the Old Silk Routes
	- Our Air Frontier in Alaska
	- Hail Colombia!
	- Beneath Colombia's Azure Skies
	- Dipo, the Little Desert "Kangaroo"
NOV - Southwest Indians, Saba, Caribbean Islands, Burma, Tin.
	- Indian Tribes of Pueblo Land
	- Red Men of the Southwest
	- Saba, Crater Treasure of the Indies
	- Up and Down on Saba
	- America's New Crescent of Defense
	- Burma Road, Back Door to China
	- Tin, the Cinderella Metal
DEC - US Map, Airplanes, India, Jordan River, Egypt, Lybia.
	- Aviation in Commerce and Defense
	- In the Realms of the Maharajas
	- Princely India
	- Canoeing Down the River Jordan
	- Old New Battle Grounds of Egypt and Libia
	- United States Map Shows Census Changes
JAN - West Indies, Flamingos, Winchester, Greece, South Sea Islands.
	- British West Indian Interlude
	- West Indies Links in a Defense Chain
	- Martinique, Caribbean Question Mark
	- Flame Feathered Flamingos of Florida
	- Winchester, Englan's Early Capital
	- Classic Greece Merges into 1941 News
	- Turning Back Time in the South Seas
FEB - Cotton, Panamanian Indians, America, Bronze Age Ship.
	- Cotton: Foremost Fiber of the World
	- Golden Fleece of Dixie
	- Arch Isolationists, the San Blas Indians
	- Indian Haven off the Panama Coast
	- The American Scene
	- Ancestor of the British Navy
MAR - Indian Ocean Map, Oklahoma, New Guinea, Aquarium Fish, Pacific Coral, Giant Sea Creatures.
	- Map Supplement of the Indian Ocean, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia
	- So Oklahoma Grew Up
	- Sunshine Over Oklahoma
	- Unknown New Guinea
	- Indian Ocean Map Spans News Centers
	- Net Results from Oceania
	- Bright Flashes from Pacific Corals
	- Fighting Giants of the Humboldt
APR - Wartime England, Maryland, Rhodes, Switzerland.
	- Everyday Life in Wartime England
	- Maryland Presents
	- Old Line State Cyclorama
	- Maytime in the Heart of Maryland
	- Rhodes, and Italy's Aegean Islands
	- Swiss Cherish Their Ancient Liberties
MAY - Spice Islands, Finger Lakes, New Brunswick, Samoa, Timbuktu, French West Africa.
	- Airplanes Come to the Isles of Spice
	- Fruitful Shores of the Finger Lakes
	- New Brunswick Down by the Sea
	- Samoa: Outpost of the US Navy
	- Timbuktu and Beyond
	- Dusky Tribesmen of French West Africa
JUN - Northwest US Map, US Navy, Oil, Columbia River, Yugoslavia.
	- Map Supplement of the Northwestern United States and Neighboring Canadian Provinces
	- Life in Our Fighting Fleet
	- Today's World Turns on Oil
	- Petroleum Serves, From Lamps to Wheels
	- The Columbia Turns on the Power
	- Echoes from Yugoslavia
	- Mapping Our Great Northwest
JUL - Army, Pennsylvania Dutch, Iceland, Chile, Newfoundland.
	- Around the Clock with Your Soldier Boy
	- In the Pennsylvania Dutch Country
	- Pennsylvania's Land of Plenty
	- Ancient Iceland, New Pawn of War
	- Chile's Land of Fire and Water
	- Newfoundland, North Atlantic Rampart
AUG - Middle East in War, North Carolina, Insect Pests, Bear Quadruplets, Lisbon.
	- Bombs Over Bible Lands
	- Tarhelia on Parade
	- North Carolina Colorcade
	- Our Insect Fifth Column
	- Rogues' Gallery of Imported Pests
	- Once in a Lifetime
	- Lisbon, Gateway to Warring Europe
SEP - Atlantic Ocean Map,  Mexican Jade, US Navy, Mexican Island Animals, Turkish Border, Greenland.
	- Map Supplement of the Atlantic Ocean
	- Expedition Unearths Buried Masterpieces
	- Treasure Trove of Old Mexican Jade
	- Housekeeping for a Geographic Expedition
	- Ships That Guard Our Ocean Ramparts
	- Cruise of the Kinkajou
	- Birds and Beasts of Mexico's Desert Islands
	- On the Turks' Russian Frontier
	- Desolate Greenland, Now an American Outpost
	- New Map of the Atlantic Ocean 
OCT - Ancient Egypt, Western Canada, Rural England.
	- Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
	- Life, Culture, and History of the Egyptians
	- Peaks and Parks of Western Canada
	- Rural Britain Carries On
NOV - Canada, Panama, New York Agriculture, Thailand, Singapore.
	- Canada's War Effort
	- Panama, Bridge of the World
	- The Land that Links the Americas
	- Black Acres of New York
	- Empire State Onions and Pageantry
	- Temples and Guns in Thailand
	- Life Grows Grim in Singapore
	- Britain's Outpost of Empire
DEC - World Map, US Roads, Ecuador, St Pierre and Miquelon Islands, Dogs, Florida Shipwreck.
	- Special Map Supplement of the World
	- US Roads in war and Peace
	- From Sea to Clouds in Ecuador
	- Where Snow Peaks Temper the Tropics
	- The Society's New Map of the World
	- Islands Adrift: St Pierre and Miquelon
	- Dogs of Duty and Devotion
	- Working Dogs of the World
	- Florida Cannon Solve Mystery of Sunken Ship

JAN - Yankee Clippe Cruise, South Sea Islands, San Diego, Santa Catalina, Java, Anticosti Island.
	- Westward Bound in the Yankee
	- Storied Islands of the South Sea
	- San Diego Can't Believe It
	- Santa Catalina - 400 Years a Lure
	- Java Asignment
	- Anticosti Island, Nugget of the North
FEB - Pacific Ocean Map, Paleontology, Philippines, Hwang Ho Floods, Indian Prince.
	- Map Supplement of the Pacific Ocean
	- Parade of Life Through the Ages
	- Facts about the Philippines
	- New Map Shows Immense Pacific Battleground
	- Taming "Flood Dragons" Along China's Hwang Ho
	- Life with an Indian Prince
MAR - Processed Food, American Food, Washington DC Culture, Honduras, French West Africa.
	- Revolution in Eating
	- Flavor and Savor of American Foods
	- Washington, Storehouse of Knowledge
	- Culture Still Lights Our Wartime Capital
	- Honduran Highlights
	- French West Africa in Wartime
APR - Autralian New Zealand Army, Alloys, California Wild Flowers, Egypt, Mediterranean.
	- The Making of an Anzac
	- Facing War's Challenge "Down Under"
	- Metal Sinews of Strength
	- California Says It with Wild Flowers
	- War Meets Peace in Egypt
	- Mediterranean Checkerboard
MAY - North America Map, Liberty Ships, Yukon, Tidewater Virginia, Americana.
	- Map Supplement of North America
	- As 2,000 Ships Are Born
	- Family Afoot in Yukon Wilds
	- Tidewater Virginia, Where History Lives
	- Gardens and Shrines of Old Virginia
	- Americana
	- Maps for Victory
JUN - Micronesia, Caribbean, West Indies, Japanese Mandated Islands, Birds, Madagascar.
	- Treasure Islands of Australasia
	- Americans in the Caribbean
	- War Echoes in the West Indies
	- Hidden Key to the Pacific
	- Ambassadors of Good Will
	- Madagascar: Mystery Island
JUL - Western Theater of War Map, Aircraft Carriers, New Caledonia, Kentucky, Caucasus, Darwin Australia.
	- Map Supplement, Western Theater of War
	- The New Queen of the Seas
	- War Awakened New Caledonia
	- South Sea Isle of Mineral Mountains
	- Kentucky, Boone's Great Meadow
	- The Sun Shines Bright in Kentucky
	- Roaming Russia's Caucasus
	- Life in Dauntless Darwin, Australia
	- Western Front Map Embraces Three Continents
AUG - British War Effort, Peru, Cape of Good Hope, Japan, Baja California, War.
	- "Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat"
	- The Pith of Peru
	- Peru on Parade
	- Busy Corner, the Cape of Good Hope
	- Color at Africa's Southern Tip
	- Unknown Japan
	- Baja California Wakes Up
	- The People's Fight Against Slavery
SEP - Alaska, Western China, Yunnan, Greenland, Arabs, the Camel.
	- Strategic Alaska Looks Ahead
	- Our Northwestern Outpost
	- The Lonely Aleutians
	- Discovering Alaska's Oldest Arctic Town
	- China Opens Her Wild West
	- South of the Clouds, Yunnan
	- Greenland Turns to America
	- Forty Years Among the Arabs
	- The Camel, Man's Age Old Servant
OCT - South America Map, Pacific Northwest, New Delhi, Dieppe, New Brazil, Hawaii.
	- Map Supplement of South America
	- Wartime in the Pacific Northwest
	- Where Fog and Sun Paint the Pacific
	- New Delhi Goes Full Time
	- Behind New Delhi's News
	- Rehearsal at Dieppe
	- Air Cruising Through New Brasil
	- New Map Charts South America's Wartime Importance
	- Life on the Hawaii "Front"
NOV - Quartermasters, Army Maneuvers, Manchuria, Maya Excavation, Wartime Broadcasting.
	- QM, the Fighting Storekeeper
	- Painting the Army on Maneuvers
	- Japan Faces Russia in Manchuria
	- Finding Jewels of Jade in a Mexican Swamp
	- Mexico's Deep South Yields New Treasure
	- Winged Words, New Weapon of War
DEC - Asia Map, War Industry, South Africa, Aleutians, Volga, Solomon Islands.
	- Map of Asia and Adjacent Areas
	- The Miracle of War Production
	- American Industries Geared for War
	- The Cities That Gold and Diamonds Built
	- Sunny South Africa
	- New Map Shows Asia's Role in Global Warfare
	- Ridle of the Aleutians
	- Mother Volga Defends Her Own
	- A Woman's Experiences Among Stone Age Solomon Islanders

JAN - Glass, American Bombers, Gilbert Islands, Army Dogs, Gibraltar.
	- Glass "Goes to Town"
	- From San to Seer and Servant of Man
	- American Bombers Attacking from Australia
	- War Finds Its Way to Gilbert Islands
	- Your Dog Joins Up
	- Eastward from Gibraltar
FEB - Africa Map, Alaskan Highway, Curacao and Aruba, Caribbean Oil, Convoys, Big Cats.
	- Map Supplement of Africa
	- Alaskan Highway an Engineering Epic
	- Curacao and Aruba on Guard
	- Oil Isles of the Caribbean
	- Convoys to Victory
	- King of Cats and His Court
	- Africa First of 1943 Global Maps
	- Your Society Aids War Effort
MAR - San Francisco, Bolivia, Norway, Sydney, Malta.
	- San Francisco: Gibraltar of the West Coast
	- Bolivia: Time Roof of the Andes
	- Norway, an Active Ally
	- Sydney Faces the War Front Down Under
	- Malta Invicta
APR - Northern and Southern Hemispheres Map, Connecticut River, American Food, Guianas, Surinam, British Commonwealths.
	- Map of Northern and Southern Hemispheres
	- The Long River of New England
	- Flow Onward, Connecticut
	- Farmers Keep Them Eating
	- Color Glows in the Guianas, French and Dutch
	- Surinam Subjects of Queen Wilhelmina
	- Map of Northern and Southern Hemispheres
	- The British Commonwealth of Nations
MAY - Russia, Coast Guard, Greenland, Ozarks, Minya Konka.
	- Valiant Russia's Industrial Might
	- Life with Our Fighting Coast Guard
	- Coast Guard Patrol in Greenland
	- Land of a Million Smiles
	- Work and Play in the Ozarks
	- Climbing Mighty Minya Konka, Landmark of China's New Skyway
JUN - Europe and Near East MapUS Insignia, Scotland, Lend Lease, Military Maps.
	- Insignia of the United States Armed Forces
	- The Tradition and Glamour of Insignia
	- Aircraft Insignia, Spirit of Youth
	- Scotland in Wartime
	- Lend Lease is a Two-way Benefit
	- New Map of Europe and the Near East
	- The Making of Military Maps
	- Map of Europe and the Near East
JUL - Barbary Coast, Casablanca, Birds, American Air Corps, Submarine Hunting Blimps, Constellations.
	- Americans on the Barbary Coast
	- Casablanca Smiles
	- Birds on the Home Front
	- American Wings Soar Around the World
	- Aboard a Blimp Hunting U Boats
	- The Heavens Above
AUG - Iran, Aleutians, Giant Turtles, Northern Ireland, Normandy and Brittany, Survival Training.
	- Iran in Wartime
	- A Navy Artist Paints the Aleutians
	- Capturing Giant Turtles in the Caribbean
	- Yanks in Northern Ireland
	- The Coasts of Normandy and Brittany
	- French Provinces in Brighter Days
SEP - Pacific Ocean, Washington D.C., Sicily, La Venta, Air Corps Mechanics, Timor.
	- New Map of the Pacific Ocean
	- Our Nation's Capital on Parade
	- Revealing Earth's Mightiest Ocean
	- Sicily Again in the Path of War
	- La Vent's Green Stone Tigers
	- They Sustain the Wings
	- Timor a Key to the Indies
OCT - India, Medals, Women in Military, Paraguay, Burma.
	- India Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
	- The Heraldry of Heroism
	- Women in Uniform
	- Through Paraguay and Southern Matto Grasso
	- Color Cruising in Paraguay
	- Burma: Where India and China Meet
NOV - Air Craft Carriers, Crete, Dogs, Pelicans, Army Medics, Russian Soldiers.
	- Cruise on an Escort Carrier
	- Pocket Carriers Fight the Submarines
	- Crete, Where Sea Kings Reigned
	- Non Sporting Dogs
	- Pelican Profiles
	- The Healing Arts in Global War
	- I Learn About the Russians
DEC - World Map, Westher, American Transportation, Language, Brenner Pass, Engineers and Medics, Cumberland Gap.
	- New Map of the World
	- Weather Fights and Works for Man
	- American Transportation Vital to Victory
	- The World's Words
	- Over the Alps to Brenner Pass
	- Heroes of Wartime Science and Mercy
	- Home Folks Around Historic Cumberland Gap

JAN - Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, South Seas, Dover.
	- How We Use the Gulf of Mexico
	- Gulf Coast Towns Get into the Fight
	- Brazil's Potent Weapons
	- Bright Facets of Brazil
	- At Ease in the South Seas
	- Dover, Front Line Town of Britain's Siege
FEB - Paricutin Volcano, Mexico, Mosquitoes, Dominican Republic, Easter Island, King Solomon's Mines.
	- Paricutin, the Cornfield That Grew a Volcano
	- From the Halls of Montezuma
	- Saboteur Mosquitoes
	- Life Story of the Mosquito
	- The Land Columbus Loved
	- Dominican Republic, Land of Plenty
	- Great Stone Faces of Easter Island
	- On the Trail of King Solomon's Mines
MAR - Greece, China.
	- The Greek Way
	- Greece, the Birthplace of Science and Free Speech
	- The Glory that Was Greece
	- 6000 Miles over the Roads of Free China
APR - Japan Map, Japan, Bougainville, New Caledonia, Nantucket, Whaling, Toy Dogs, Anatolia, Yugoslavia.
	- Map of Japan and Adjacent Regions of Asia and the Pacific Ocean
	- Japan and the Pacific
	- Jungle War: Bougainville and New Caledonia
	- Nantucket: Little Gray Lady
	- Echoes of Whaling Days
	- Toy Dogs, Pets of Kings and Commoners
	- Dogs in Toyland
	- Alert Anatolia
	- The Clock Turns Back in Yugoslavia
MAY - Ukraine, Nigeria, Mud City, Coal, Greece, Ascension Island.
	- Liberated Ukraine
	- Nigeria: From the Bight of Benin to Africa's Desert Sands
	- Kano, Mud Made City
	- Coal: Prodigious Worker for Man
	- The Isles of Greece
	- Ascension Island, an Engineering Victory
JUN - Idaho, Birds, Western China, Manipur, Wales.
	- Idaho Made the Desert Bloom
	- Touring for Birds
	- Exploring Wild West China
	- Manipur, Where Japan Struck at India
	- Wales in Wartime
JUL - Europe Map, Invasion Landing Craft, Britain Battles, American Agriculture, Plains Indians, Italy.
	- Landing Craft for Invasion
	- Britain Fights in the Fields
	- America Fights on the Farms
	- A Review of The Society's Maps of Europe
	- Indians of Our Western Plains
	- Behind the Lines in Italy
AUG - Burma, Gliders, Nicaragua, Working Women, Netherlands, Belgium, New Hebrides, Navy Planes.
	- The Aerial Invasion of Burma
	- Gliders, Silent Weapons of the Sky
	- A Land of Lakes and Volcanoes
	- Women at Work
	- Low Countries Await Liberation
	- Palms and Planes in the New Hebrides
	- Navy Wings over the Pacific
SEP - Photographs, Rhodesia, Haiti, Chinese Salt, GIs in London, California Surfing, Dogs.
	- How We Fight with Photographs
	- Rhodesia, Hobby and Hope of Cecil Rhodes
	- Bare Feet and Burros of Haiti
	- Haiti Goes to Market
	- Salt for China's Daily Rice
	- When GI Joes Took London
	- Surf Boarders Capture California
	- Other Working Dogs and the Wild Species
OCT - SE Asia Map, Strategic Pacific Islands, Marseille, Fighting Yanks, Chile, Shrimp.
	- Map of Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands, from the Indies and the Philippines to the Solomons
	- Springboards to Tokyo
	- Painting History in the Pacific
	- Marseille, Battle Port of Centuries
	- The Society's New Map of Southeast Asia
	- What the Fighting Yanks See
	- Capital and Chief Seaport of Chile
	- On a Chilean Hacienda
	- The Delectable Shrimp
NOV - Infantry, Mindanao, Philippines, El Salvador Coffee, Mapping World.
	- Infantrymen, the Fighters of War
	- Mindanao, on the Road to Tokyo
	- Camera Cruising in the Philippines
	- Coffee is King in El Salvadore
	- Charting a World at War
DEC - USSR Map, Alaska to Asia, Michigan Industry, Jordan River, Red Cross Girl.
	- First Detailed Modern Map with English Names of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
	- New Road to Asia
	- Michigan Fights
	- Great Lakes and Great Industries
	- The Society's New Map of Soviet Russia
	- The Geography of the Jordan
	- Red Cross Girl Overseas

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