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NG Article Index 1920-1929

JAN - Palestine, Seven Wise Men, Sumatra.
	- The Last Blood Sacrifice, a Samaritan Rite in Palestine
	- The Home of the Seven Wise Men
	- By Motor Through Sumatra
FEB - North Sea Mines, New Hampshire Hills, Thoreau's Country, World's Oil.
	- The Removal of the North Sea Mine Barrage
	- Skiing Over the New Hampshire Hills
	- Winter Rambles in Thoreau's Country
	- Where the World Gets Its Oil
MAR - Massachusetts Business, Formosa.
	- Massachusetts - Beehive of Business
	- Formosa the Beautiful
APR - Peary, The Crow, Geographic, Salvation Army, Mississippi River.
	- Peary as a Leader
	- Peary's Explorations in the Far North
	- The Crow, Bird Citizen of Every Land
	- The Geographic's Notable Year
	- Around the World with the Salvation Army
	- When the Father of Waters Goes on a Rampage
MAY - Mushrooms, Hurdle Racing, Malta.
	- Common Mushrooms in the United States
	- Hurdle Racing in Canoes
	- Malta and Its Recently Discovered Prehistoric Temples
JUN - America, Redwoods, Peru's Birds.
	- A Mind's-Eye Map of America
	- Saving the Redwoods
	- Peru's Wealth-Producing Birds
JUL - Cuba, Cape Breton Island, Mexican Border.
	- Cuba-The Sugar Mill of the Antilles
	- The Charm of Cape Breton Island
	- Along Our Side of the Mexican Border
AUG - Antioch, State Names, Channel Islands.
	- Antioch the Glorious
	- The Origin of American State Names
	- The Channel Islands
SEP - Rio de Janeiro, Waterfalls, British Guiana.
	- Rio de Janeiro, in the Land of Lure
	- The Niagaras of Five Continents
	- An Expedition to Kaieteur and Roraima, British Guiana
OCT - Nepal, Human Emotions, Tahiti, Japanese Newspaper.
	- Nepal: A Little-Known Kingdon
	- Human Emotions Recorded by Photography
	- Tahiti: A Playground of Nature
	- The Making of a Japanese Newspaper
NOV - Peking, Upper Yangtse, Porcelain, Chinese People, China Politics.
	- Peking, the City of the Unexpected
	- The Eden of the Flowery Republic
	- The World's Ancient Porcelain Center
	- The Man in the Street in China
	- Shifting Scenes on the Stage of New China
DEC - Falconry, Birds of Prey, Haiti, Siberia.
	- Falconry, the Sport of Kings
	- American Birds of Prey-A Review of Their Value
	- A Little-Known Marvel of the Western Hemisphere
	- Haiti, the Home of Twin Republics
	- Glimpses of Siberia, Russia's "Wild East"

JAN - Argosy, Around the World Trip, Miami Aquarium, Warm-Sea Fishes, Gulf Stream, Afghanistan.
	- Supplement: "The Argosy of Geography"
	- The Dream Ship
	- Treasure-House of the Gulf Stream
	- Sixteen Color Plates of Warm-Sea Fishes
	- Interesting Citizens of the Gulf Stream
	- Every-Day Life in Afghanistan
FEB - Europe Map, Czechoslovakia, Europe, Balkans, Orkneys & Shetlands.
	- Czechoslovakia, Key-Land to Central Europe
	- The New Map of Europe
	- The Whirlpool of the Balkans
	- The Orkneys and Shetlands - A Mysterious Group of Islands
MAR - Ceylon, India, Aerial World Tour, America.
	- Ceylon and India in Full Colors
	- A Personal Narrative of the First Aerial Voyage Half Around the World - From London to Australia by Aeroplane
	- America in the Air
APR - Modern Persia, Persian Caravan.
	- Modern Persia and Its Capital
	- Persian Caravan Sketches
MAY - Asia Map, Siberia, Mongols.
	- Western Siberia and the Altai Mountains With Some Speculations on the Future of Siberia
	- The Mongols, People of the Wilderness
	- The New Map of Asia
JUN - Equator, Grass Flowers, Geographic Expedition, Grand Canyon Bridge, American Southwest.
	- Across the Equator with the American Navy
	- Familiar Grasses and Their Flowers
	- New National Geographic Society Expedition
	- The Grand Canyon Bridge
	- Scenes from America's Southwest
JUL - Grand Banks, France, Japan, Big Trees, Foreign Photos.
	- Life on the Grand Banks
	- Scenes from France
	- The Geography of Japan
	- The National Geographic Society Completes Its Gifts of Big Trees
	- Adventures with a Camera in Many Lands
AUG - Lake Superior Fauna, Plant Pests.
	- The Wild Life of Lake Superior, Past and Present
	- Protecting the United States from Plant Pests
SEP - Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Tibet.
	- Our Greatest National Monument, An Account of the National Geographic Society's Completion of Its Explorations in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
	- Life Among the People of Eastern Tibet
OCT - South America Map, Ecuador, Andes, Buenos Aires.
	- Trail and Jungle in Ecuador
	- Over the Andes to Bogota
	- The New Map of South America
	- Buenos Aires and Its River of Silver
NOV - Hindustan, Rajputana, India, Kashmir, Amernath.
	- Through the Heart of Hindustan
	- The Marble Dams of Rajputana
	- The Empire of Romance - India
	- Outwitting the Water Demons of Kashmir
	- A Pilgrimage to Amernath, Himalayan Shrine of the Hindu Faith
DEC - Pacific Islands Map, Nauru, Yap, Easter Island.
	- The Islands of the Pacific
	- Nauru, the Richest Island in the South Seas
	- Yap and Other Pacific Islands under Japanese Mandate
	- The Mystery of Easter Island
	- Our Map of the Pacific

JAN - Bermuda, Fish, Basques, Foreign Trade.
	- The Islands of Bermuda
	- Certain Citizens of the Warm Seas
	- The Land of the Basques
	- The Geography of Our Foreign Trade
FEB - Caribbean Map, Maya, Panama, West Indies, Carribean SHores, Salvador, Costa Rica.
	- The Foremost Intellectual Achievement of Ancient America
	- The Jungles of Panama
	- The Haunts of the Caribbean Corsairs
	- On the Shores of the Caribbean
	- Volcano - Girded Salvador
	- Costa Rica, the Land of the Banana
	- Our Map of the Countries of the Caribbean
MAR - Telephone History, Chaulmoogra Tree, Switzerland, Burma, Pueblo Bonito, Crop Dusting.
	- Prehistoric Telephone Days
	- Hunting the Chaulmoogra Tree
	- Amid the Snoes of Switzerland
	- The Hill Tribes of Burma
	- The Pueblo Bonito Expedition of the National Geographic Society
	- Fighting Insects with Airplanes
APR - North America, Mesopotamia, South Georgia.
	- Viscount Bryce's Last Article on the United States - The Scenery of North America
	- Modern Scenes in Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization
	- South Georgia, An Outpost of the Antarctic
MAY - China Earthquake, China, England, Alaska, Aerial Photos, Ruhr.
	- Where the Mountains Walked
	- In the Land of Kublai Khan
	- Through the Heart of England in a Canadian Canoe
	- The First Alaskan Air Expedition
	- The World Viewed from the Air
	- The Story of the Ruhr
JUN - Siberia, Rome, Capri, Peary, Constantinople.
	- The Far Eastern Republic
	- The Splendor of Rome
	- Capri, the Island Retreat of Roman Emperors
	- The National Geographic Society's Memorial to Peary
	- Constantinople Today 
JUL - Cathedrals, Carmargue, Wild Flowers.
	- Cathedrals of the Old and New World
	- Camargue, the Cowboy Country of Southern France
	- Midsummer Wild Flowers
AUG - Denmark, Tree-Line, Lincoln Memorial, Acrtic Air Route.
	- Denmark and the Danes
	- The Fight at the Timber-Line
	- Views of the Lincoln Memorial
	- The Arctic as an Air Route of the Future
SEP - Chile, Japan, Alexander Graham Bell, Medicine.
	- A Longitudinal Journey Through Chile
	- Some Aspects of Rural Japan
	- The Picturesque Side of Japanese Life
	- Alexander Graham Bell
	- Map-Changing Medicine
OCT - Africa Map, Africa Jungles, North Africa, Nile, Liberia, Africa Scenes.
	- Transporting a Navy Through the Jungles of Africa in Wartime
	- Peoples and Places of Northern Africa
	- Along the Nile, Through Egypt and the Sudan
	- The Land of the Free in Africa
	- African Scenes from the Equator to the Cape
	- Our New Map of Africa
NOV - Mexico, Lisbon, Asia Minor.
	- Adventuring Down the West Coast of Mexico
	- Lisbon, the City of the Friendly Bay
	- A Sketch of the Geographical History of Asia Minor
DEC - World Map, Ancient Greece, Oceanography.
	- The Glory that Was Greece
	- Sailing the Seven Seas in the Interest of Science
	- The Society's New Map of the World

JAN - Sardinia, Vienna, Snowflakes.
	- The Island of Sardinia and Its People
	- Vienna: A Capital Without a Nation
	- The Magic Beauty of Snow and Dew
FEB - Great Wall of China Supplement, European Languages, Calabria, Navajo Mountain.
	- A Thousand Miles Along the Great Wall of China
	- The Battle-Line of Languages in Western Europe
	- Daily Life in Calabria
	- Encircling Navajo Mountain with a Pack-Train
MAR -Old Spanish Road, Mexico, Holland, Dikes, Spreewald.
	- Along the Old Spanish Road in Mexico
	- In the Land of the Montezumas
	- Holland's War with the Sea
	- In the Land of Windmills and Wooden Shoes
	- The Wends of the Spreewald
APR - US Map, Massachusetts, America's Railways, Western US, Missouri.
	- Massachusetts and Its Position in the Life of the Nation
	- America's Amazing Railway Traffic
	- Western Views in the Land of the Best
	- Missouri, Mother of the West
MAY - Tutankhamen, Egypt, Anatolia, Transjordania, Iraq, Hedjaz.
	- At the Tomb of Tutankhamen
	- Egypt, Past and Present
	- East of Constantinople
	- A Visit to Three Arab Kingdoms
JUN - Washington D.C., Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Building.
	- The Transformation of Washington
	- The Lincoln Memorial
	- The Capitol, Wonder Building of the World
	- Washington, the Pride of the Nation
	- The Source of Washington's Charm
JUL - France, Brittany, Desert Islands, Pueblo Bonito.
	- Through the Back Doors of France
	- Rural Scenes in Brittany
	- The Mysterious Prehistoric Monuments of Brittany
	- A Cruise Among Desert Islands
	- Pueblo Bonito, the Ancient
AUG - Fresh Water, Bird Photos, Cuicuilco Ruins.
	- Our Heritage of the Fresh Waters
	- Hunting Birds with a Camera
	- Ruins of Cuicuilco May Revolutionize Our History of Ancient America
SEP - Corsican Home Supplement, Corsica, Middleton Island, China Hairnets.
	- Supplement: Peasant Home in Corsica
	- The Coasts of Cosica
	- A Northern Crusoe's Island
	- A Hairnet Industry in North China
OCT - Automobile Industry, Japan, Earthquakes, Tokyo Earthquake.
	- The Automobile Industry: Methods That Have Revolutionized Manufacturing and Transformed Transportation
	- The Empire of the Risen Sun
	- The Cause of Earthquakes
	- How the Earth Telegraphed Its Tikyo Quake to Washington
NOV - Horses.
	- The Story of the Horse, The Development of Man's Companion in War Camp, on Farm, in the Marts of Trade, and in the Field of Sports
	- Horses of the World
DEC - North Antlantic Fish, Fisheries, Wales, American Troops.
	- Fish and Fisheries of Our North Atlantic Seaboard
	- The North Atlantic Food Fishes
	- A Short Visit to Wales
	- The National Geographic Society's Memorial to American Troops

JAN - Carlsbad Cavern, Western Deserts, Darfur, Timbuktu, Sahara by Automobile, Reelfoot.
	- A Visit to Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico
	- Fantastic Plants of Our Western Deserts
	- Adventures in Eastern Darfur
	- Timbuktu, in the Sands of the Sahara
	- The Conquest of the Sahara by the Automobile
	- Reelfoot - An Earthquake Lake in Tennessee
FEB - Hawaiian Islands.
	- The Hawaiian Islands, America's Strongest Outpost of Defense - The Volcanic and Floral Wonderland of the World
MAR - Geographical Explorers, Antarctica, Southern Utah, "Craters of the Moon", Australia.
	- Geography and Some Explorers
	- The Lure of the Land of Ice
	- Beyond the Clay Hills
	- Among the "Craters of the Moon"
	- Australia's Wild Wonderland
APR - Pontine Marshes, Italy, Ancient Carthage, Tunisia, Majorca, Sakurajima Volcano.
	- The Story and Legends of the Pontine Marshes
	- Italy, Land of History and Romance
	- Ancient Carthage in the Light of Modern Excavation
	- Keeping House in Majorca
	- Sakurajima, Japan's Greatest Volcanic Eruption
MAY - North American Map, Grand Canyon, US East & West, Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
	- Surveying the Grand Canyon of the Colorado
	- East and West in America
	- The Isthmus of Tehuantepec
	- The Society's Map of North America
JUN - Plant Life, Norway.
	- Exploring the Mysteries of Plant Life
	- Norway and the Norwegians
	- In the Land of the Vikings
JUL - Flight Across US, Aerial Photos, Airplanes & Airships.
	- The Non-stop Flight Across America
	- Our Country Through the Airman's Camera
	- Man's Progress in Conquering the Air
AUG - Ancient Statues, Cadiz, Moorish Spain, Southern Spain.
	- Discovering the Oldest Statues in the World
	- Adventurous Sons of Cadiz
	- Moorish Spain
	- From Granada to Gibraltar - a Tour of Southern Spain
SEP - Libyan Desert, The Guanay, Sicily.
	- Crossing the Libyan Desert
	- The Most Valuable Bird in the World
	- Zigzagging Across Sicily
OCT - Korean Mountains, Goldfish, Latvia, Asia Minor.
	- In the Diamond Mountains of Korea
	- Goldfish and Their Cultivation in America
	- Latvia, Home of the Letts
	- Crossing Asia Minor, the Country of the New Turkish Republic
NOV - Curing Disease in Yunnan, Luxemburg, France, India Tiger Hunt.
	- Banishing the Devil of Disease Among the Nashi of Yunnan
	- The Grand Duchy of Luxemburg
	- Flashes of Color Throughout France
	- Tiger Hunting in India
	- From the Plains of Madras to the Snows of Kashmir
DEC - Porto Rico, Cornwall, Siberia.
	- Porto Rico, the Gate of Riches
	- Colorful Porto Rico
	- A Char-a-Bancs in Cornwall
	- With an Exile in Arctic Siberia

JAN - Airship, Versailles, Chichen Itza, Astronomy.
	- Seeing America from the "Shenandoah"
	- The Palace of Versailles, Its Park and the Trianons
	- Versailles, the Magnificent
	- Cjichen Itza, an Ancient American Mecca
	- Interviewing the Stars
FEB - African Journey, Tropical Africa.
	- Cairo to Cape Town, Overland: An Adventurous Journey of 135 Days, Made by an American Man and His Wife, Through the Length of the African Continent
	- Amid the Snows and Swamps of Tropical Africa
MAR - Europe from the Air, French & Spanish Morocco, North Africa, Belgian & Dutch Towers.
	- Looking Down on Europe
	- Across French and Spanish Morocco
	- The Camera's Color Records of North Africa
	- The Singing Towers of Belgium and Holland
APR - Columbia Ice Field, Yunnan.
	- The Mother of Rivers - The Great Columbia Ice Field of the Canadian Rockies
	- The Land of the Yellow Lama
	- The National Geographic Society's Yunnan Province Expedition
MAY - Belgium, Ferns, Columbian Ground-Squirrel, Helsingfors.
	- Through the Back Doors of Belgium
	- Ferns as a Hobby
	- Marvels of Fern Life
	- Tracking the Columbian Ground-Squirrel to Its Burrow
	- Helsingfors-A Contrast in Light and Shade
JUN - Abyssinia, Black-Headed Gulls, Arctic, North Grrenland.
	- A Caravan Journey Through Abyssinia
	- Black-Headed Gulls in London-Aces of Aviation
	- To Seek the Unknown in the Arctic
	- The "Bowdoin" in North Greenland
JUL - Rhine, American Plants, Hawaiian Birds.
	- Rediscovering the Rhine
	- Pages from the Floral Life of America
	- Bird Life Among Lava Rock and Coral Sand
AUG - New Zealnd Hot Springs, Tripolitania, Italian Libya, Clouds, England/India Auto Trip, Arctic.
	- Waimangu and the Hot-spring Country of New Zealand
	- Tripolitania, Where Rome Resumes Sway
	- Under Italian Libya's Burning Sun
	- Toilers of the Sky
	- From England to India by Automobile
	- The MacMillan Arctic Expedition Sails
SEP - Pueblo Bonito, Canyon of Death, Southwest, Carlsbad Cavern, Bats, Central China, Arctic.
	- Everyday Life in Pueblo Bonito
	- Exploring in the Canyon of Death
	- Canyons and Cacti of the American Southwest
	- New Discoveries in Carlsbad Cavern
	- Bats of the Carlsbad Cavern
	- Experiences of a Lone Geographer
	- Scientific Aspects of the MacMillan Expedition
OCT - Polynesia, SOuth Seas, Cape Cod, Arctic.
	- The Romance of Science in Polynesia
	- Iridescent Isles of the South Seas
	- Collarin' Cape Cod
	- MacMillan in the Field
NOV - Arctic Map, Arctic, Flying Over Arctic, Greek & Turkish Refugees, Near East.
	- Special Map Supplement of the Arctic Regions
	- The MacMillan Arctic Expedition Returns
	- Flying Over the Arctic
	- History's Greatest Trek
	- Sun-Painted Scenes in the Near East
DEC - Cattle.
	- The Taurine World - Cattle and Their Place in the Human Scheme - Wild Types and Modern Breeds of Many Lands
	- The Cattle of the World

JAN - Air Mail, Pigeons, Weather Forecasting.
	- On the Trail of the Air Mail
	- Man's Feathered Friends of Longest Standing
	- Pigeons of Resplendent Plumage
	- Measuring the Sun's Heat and Forecasting the Weather
FEB - Bogota, Pearls, Rothenburg, Wang Ye Fu, China.
	- Round About Bogota
	- Fishing for Pearls in the Indian Ocean
	- Rothenburg, the City that Time Forgot
	- The Road to Wang Ye Fu
	- Scenes in the Celestial Republic
MAR - Singapore, Egypt, Arctic, Transylvania.
	- Singapore, Crossroads of the East
	- The Land of Egypt
	- A Naturalist with MacMillan in the Arctic
	- The First Natural-Color Photographs from the Arctic
	- Transylvania and Its Seven Cities
APR - Amazon, Mycetozoa, Sardinia.
	- Exploring the Valley of the Amazon in a Hydroplane
	- Marvels of Mycetozoa
	- The Amazon, Father of Waters
	- Where the Sard Holds Sway
	- Recent Contributions by Members of the National Geographic Society
MAY - Raleigh, North Carolina, Ashley River, Atlantic Seaboard, London.
	- Special Supplement "The Boyhood of Raleigh"
	- Motor-Coaching Through North Carolina
	- The Ashley River and Its Gardens
	- Exploring the Atlantic Seaboard with a Color Camera
	- London From a Bus Top
JUN - Mount Logan, Bavarian Alps, Africa.
	- The Conquest of Mount Logan, Canada's Loftiest Peak
	- The Beauty of the Bavarian Alps
	- Through the Deserts and Jungles of Africa by Motor
JUL - Iceberg Tracking, World's Waterfalls, India, Pirate Rivers.
	- Standing Iceberg Guard in the North Atlantic
	- The World's Great Waterfalls
	- Streets and Palaces of Colorful India
	- Pirate Rivers and Their Prizes
AUG - Asian River Valleys, Moon Jellyfish, Jellyfishes, Poland, Siena's Palio, Italy.
	- Through the Great River Trenches of Asia
	- The Life of the Moon Jellyfish
	- Jellyfishes - Living Draperies of Color
	- Struggling Poland
	- Siena's Palio, An Italian Inheritance from the Middle Ages
	- Under Radiant Italian Skies
SEP - Carolinas/Georgia/Tennessee Map, Georgia, Egypt/Sinai/Palastine, Nile, Morth Pole, Com. Byrd.
	- Marching Through Georgia Sixty Years After
	- Flying Over Egypt, Sinai, and Palestine
	- Along the Banks of the Colorful Nile
	- The First Flight to the North Pole
	- Commander Byrd Receives the Hubbard Gold Medal
	- Map of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Eastern Tennessee
OCT - Canada, Riviera, France, Observatory.
	- Canada from the Air
	- Carnival Days on the Riviera
	- The France of Sunshine and Flowers
	- Hunting an Observatory
NOV - Russia, Guatemala.
	- Russia of the Hour
	- Guatemala: Land of Volcanoes and Progress
	- The Land of the Quetzal
DEC - The Levant, Bethlehem, Stratosphere.
	- Skirting the Shores of Sunrise
	- In the Birthplace of Christianity
	- Among the Shepherds of Bethlehem
	- Exploring the Earth's Stratosphere

JAN - Jamaica, Carribean, Color Undersea Photos, Coral Reef, Captain James Cook, Papua.
	- Jamaica, the Isle of Many Rivers
	- The Color Palette of the Caribbean
	- The First Autochromes from the Ocean Bottom
	- Life on a Coral Reef
	- The Columbus of the Pacific
	- A Pictorial Jaunt Through Papua
FEB - Maryland/Delaware/D.C. Map, Maryland, Aymara Land, Peruvian Andes.
	- Special Map Supplement of Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia
	- A Maryland Pilgrimage
	- The Heart of Aymara Land
	- High Lights in the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes
MAR - Ireland, Vermont, Nicaragua.
	- Ireland: The Rock Whence I Was Hewn
	- The Hills and Dales of Erin and Vermont
	- The Green Mountain State
	- Nicaragua, Largest of Central American Republics
APR - Domestic Fowl, The Hen, The Chinese.
	- The Races of Domestic Fowl
	- Fowl of the Old and New World
	- America's Debt to the Hen
	- The Chinese: Farmers Since the Days of Noah
MAY - The Zapotecs, Flowers, Western Wild Flowers.
	- Among the Zapotecs of Mexico
	- The Family Tree of the Flowers
	- Wild Flowers of the West
JUN - Soochow Ho, China, Chinese Boat People, Chinese Print, Czechoslovakia.
	- Ho for the Soochow Ho
	- The Geography of China
	- Life Afloat in China
	- New China and the Printed Page
	- Among the People of Cathay
	- Hospitality of the Czechs
	- Costumes of Czechoslovakia
JUL - South Atlantic Voyage, Moths and Butterflies.
	- Sinbads of Science: The Narrative of a Windjammer's Voyage Among Islands of High Adventure in the South Atlantic
	- Strange Habits of Familiar Moths and Butterfliers
AUG - The Midi,Alsace, Dirigible "Norge" Voyage, Komodo Dragon, Air Conquest.
	- Across the Midi in a Canoe
	- In Smiling Alsace, Where France Has Resumed Sway
	- Navigating the "Norge" from Rome to the North Pole and Beyond
	- Stalking the Dragon Lizard on the Island of Komodo
	- Air Conquest
SEP - Commander Byrd Supplement, Mississippi Flood, Sea Life, Black Hills, Crows, Night Animal Pictures in Panama, Transatlantic Flight.
	- Supplement: The Achievement of the "America": Commander Byrd
	- The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927
	- Living Jewels of the Sea
	- The Black Hills, Once Hunting Grounds of the Red Men
	- The Friendly Crows in Festive Panoply
	- Who Treads Our Trails
	- Our Transatlantic Flight
OCT - Central Asia Travels, Sicily, Latin America from the Air.
	- By Coolie and Caravan Across Central Asia
	- Sicily: Island of Vivid Beauty and Crumbling Glory
	- How Latin America Looks from the Air
NOV - Vasco de Gama, Portugal, Liechtenstein.
	- Supplement: "Vasco de Gamma"
	- The Pathfinder of the East
	- Rainbow Portraits of Portugal
	- An Altitudinal Journey Through Portugal
	- Round About Liechtenstein
DEC - Jerusalem, Mount of the Decalogue, Money.
	- The Pageant of Jerusalem
	- Color Records from the Changing Life of the Holy City
	- East of Suez to the Mount of the Decalogue
	- The Geography of Money

JAN - Lindbergh, Dalmatian Days, Eastern Adriatic, Bird Banding.
	- Seeing America with Lindbergh
	- Dalmatian Days
	- Medieval Glory Haunts the Eastern Adriatic
	- Bird Banding, the Telltale of Migratory Flight
	- President Coolidge Bestows Lindbergh Award
FEB - Voyage of "Islander", Algiers, Jungle Warfare.
	- Around the World in the "Islander"
	- The White City of Algiers
	- On the Fringe of the Great Desert
	- The Warfare of the Jungle Folk
MAR - "The Discoverer" Supplement, Michigan, Bali, Photos from the Air, Potomac Great Falls.
	- Special Color Supplement: "The Discoverer"
	- Michigan, Mistress of the Lakes
	- Artist Adventures on the Island of Bali
	- Seeing the World from the Air
	- The Great Falls of the Potomac
APR - Umbria and Tuscany, Italian Scenes, Iceland, Sheep.
	- Holidays Among the Hill Towns of Umbria and Tuscany
	- Man and Nature Paint Italian Scenes in Prodigal Colors
	- A Walking Tour Across Icelend
	- The Island of the Sagas
	- The Indispensible Sheep
MAY - Commander Byrd Supplement, Bogota, First American Farmer, English Manor House.
	- Special Color Supplement, "Commander Byrd at the North Pole"
	- To Bogota and Back by Air
	- The Home of the First Farmer of America
	- A Vacation in a Fifteenth Century English Manor House
JUN - Texas, Western Photos, Meteor Crater, Humming Birds.
	- So Big Texas
	- Photographing the Marvels of the West in Colors
	- The Mysterious Tomb of a Giant Meteorite
	- Holidays with Humming Birds
JUL - Columbus Supplement, Cyprus, Crabs, Yellowstone-Missouri.
	- Special Color Supplement, "The Caravels of Columbus"
	- Unspoiled Cyprus
	- Crabs and Crablike Curiosities of the Sea
	- Trailing History Down the Big Muddy
AUG - Ethiopia, The Balearics, Spanish Isles, Archeology, Spitsbergen.
	- Nature and Man in Ethiopia
	- The Balearics, Island Sisters of the Mediterranean
	- Spain's Enchanted Isles
	- Archeology, the Mirror of the Ages
	- A Woman's Winter on Spitsbergen
SEP - Columbus Supplement, Seaplane Voyage, Angkor, Cambodia, Genoa, Juan Fernandez Island.
	- Special Color Supplement, "Fate Directs the Faltering Footsteps of Columbus"
	- By Seaplane to Six Continents
	- Four Faces of Siva: The Mystery of Angkor
	- The Enigma of Cambodia
	- Genoa, Where Columbus Learned to Love the Sea
	- A Voyage to the Island Home of Robinson Crusoe
OCT - The Pacific, Stockholm, Sweden, Kurdistan.
	- Our Conquest of the Pacific
	- The Granite City of the North
	- Types and Costumes of Old Sweden
	- Sweden, Land of White Birch and White Coal
	- The Kizilbash Clans of Kurdistan
NOV - Eatern Hemisphere Supplement, Marco Polo, Choni Lamas, Arlington Cemetery.
	- Special Color Supplement, "Map of Discovery - Eastern Hemisphere"
	- The World's Greatest Overland Explorer
	- Venice, Home City of Marco Polo
	- Life Among the Lamas of Choni
	- Demon Dancers and Butter Gods of Choni
	- Fame's Eternal Camping Ground
DEC - Germany, Constantinople/Athens Airplane Journey, Beaver, Falcon Island.
	- Renascent Germany
	- Through Germany with a Color Camera
	- Seeing 3,000 Years of History in Four Hours
	- Mickey the Beaver
	- Falcon, the Pacific's Newest Island

JAN - Western Hemisphere Supplement, Arizona, Ecuador Volcanoes, Turkey, Great Brown Bear.
	- Special Color Supplement, "Map of Discovery - Western Hemisphere"
	- Arizona Comes of Age
	- Adventures in Arizona Color Photography
	- The Volcanoes of Ecuador
	- Among the Highlands of the Equator Republic
	- Turkey Goes to School
	- Mapping the Home of the Great Brown Bear
FEB - Buenos Aires, Chile, Crete.
	- Buenos Aires to Washington by Horse
	- Twin Stars of Chile
	- Scenes of Beauty in Copper Land
	- Cruising to Crete
	- Where Ancient Sea Kings Held Sway
MAR - Seville, Spain, Barcelona.
	- Seville, More Spanish Than Spain
	- On the Bypaths of Spain
	- Color Camera Records from Spain
	- Barcelona, Pride of the Catalans
APR - Virginia, Washington D.C., Monticello, Allagash River, Africa Drought.
	- Virginia - A Commonwealth That Has Come Back
	- Scenes and Shrines in the Cavalier Country
	- Unique Gifts of Washington to the Nation
	- Jefferson's Little Mountain
	- Monticello, One of America's Most Historic Shrines
	- In the Allagash Country
	- When a Drought Blights Africa
MAY - Devon, London, Lakeland, English Lake District, English Fenland, The Eagle.
	- Down Devon Lanes
	- Highlights of London Town
	- Lakeland, Home of England's Nature Poets
	- From Stratford to the North Sea
	- Through the English Lake District Afoot and Awheel
	- A Tour in the English Fenland
	- The Eagle in Action
JUN - Turkestan, California, Mr Coolidge, Gliders.
	- The Desert Road to Turkestan
	- California, Our Lady of Flowers
	- Ever Changing California, Land of Startling Contrasts
	- Mr Coolidge Becomes a Member of The Society's Board of Trustees
	- On the Wings of the Wind
JUL - Insects, Newfoundland Seal Hunts.
	- Exploring the Wonders of the Insect World
	- Insect Rivals of the Rainbow
	- The Sealing Saga of Newfoundland
AUG - St Malo, Brittany Coast, Madagascar, Santa Fe Trail, Western United States.
	- St Malo, Ancient City of the Corsairs
	- Blue Seas and Brilliant Costumes Along the Brittany Coast
	- Across Madagascar by Boat, Auto, Railroad, and Filanzana
	- The Santa Fe Trail, Path to Empire
	- Scenic Glories of Western United States
SEP - Papua, Java, Holland.
	- Into Primeval Papua by Seaplane
	- Through Java in Pursuit of Color
	- Java, Queen of the East Indies
	- A Vacation in Holland
OCT - Manchuria, Northern India, Kashmir, Sudan, Bosporus.
	- Manchuria, Promised Land of Asia
	- The Oriental Pageantry of Northern India
	- Houseboat Days in the Vale of Kashmir
	- Two Fighting Tribes of the Sudan
	- Summer Holidays on the Bosporus
	- Beside the Bosporus, Divider of Continents
NOV - Armistice Day, France Battle Fileds, Belgium, Oxford, Air Adventurers.
	- Armistice Day and the American Battle Fields
	- The Battle Fields of France Eleven Years After
	- Beautiful Belgium, Restored by Peace
	- Oxford, Mother of Anglo-Saxon Learning
	- Gentlemen Adventurers of the Air
DEC - Europe & Near East Map, Danube, Austria, Bethlehem, Magi, Southwest Tree Rings.
	- The Danube, Highway of Races
	- Alpine Villagers of Austria
	- Bethlehem and the Christmas Story
	- Along the Way of the Magi
	- The Secret of the Southwest Solved by Talkative Tree Rings
	- The Society's New Map of Europe

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