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NG Article Index 1910-1919

JAN - Alaska, North Pole, Alaska Coal Fields.
	- The National Geographic Society's Alaskan Expedition of 1909
	- Photography in Glacial Alaska
	- The Discovery of the North Pole
	- The Coal-Fields of Alaska
FEB - Java, Boghaz Keouy, Hittites, Salwin Valley in Burma, Utah Natural Bridges, South Pole Expedition, Nile
	- A Traveler's Notes on Java
	- An Ancient Capital
	- The International Millionth Map of the World
	- The Land of the Crossbow
	- The Great Natural Bridges of Utah
	- The SOuth Polar Expedition
	- Wilkes and d'Urville's Discoveries in Wilkes Land
	- The Barrage of the Nile
MAR - South Pole, Spain, Glacier National Park, Non-Magnetic Yacht, Himalayas, Valais, Switzerland, Deer Farming.
	- The Race for the South Pole
	- Romantic Spain
	- The Glacier National Park
	- The Most Curious Craft Afloat
	- The Duke of the Abruzzi in the Himalayas
	- In Valais
	- Deer Farming in the United States
APR - Landslides, Mukden, Italy, Western Agriculture, Artesian Water, Mont Blanc.
	- Landslide and Rock Avalanches
	- Mukden, the Manchu Home, and Its Great Art Museum
	- Scenes in Italy
	- The Spirit of the West
	- Artesian Water Predictions
	- Ascending Mont Blanc
MAY - House Fly, Africa, Andies Railroad, Fish Farming, Coal Land, Luminescent Fish.
	- The house Fly
	- Notes on the Disctnaces Flies Can Travel
	- Camera Adventures in the African Wilds
	- The First Transandine Railroad from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso
	- Federal Fish Farming, or Planting Fish by the Billion
	- Our Coal Lands
	- Fish That Carry Lanterns
JUN - British Columbia Glaciers, Finnish Women Voters, Costa Rica, Glacial Boulders, Liberian Gyroscope, Peary.
	- The Glaciers and Snowfields of British Columbia
	- Where Women Vote
	- Costa Rica - Vulcan's Smithy
	- The Erratic
	- A Primitive Gyroscope in Liberia
	- European Tributes to Peary
JUL - Morocco Oasis, Los Angeles Aqueduct, Guatemala, Angola.
	- The Date Gardens of the Jerid
	- Carrying Water Through a Desert
	- Guatemala, The Country of the Future
	- Angola, the Last Foothold of Slavery
AUG - Southwest, Labrador, US & Mexican Deserts.
	- The Southwest - Its Splendid Natural Resources, Agricultural Wealth, and Scenic Beauty
	- A Land of Eternal Warring
	- Notes on the Deserts of the United States and Mexico
	- Camp Fires an Desert and Lava
SEP - Liberia, Mexico Volcanoes, Asia Minor, Phosphates, China Customs.
	- Notes on the Only American Colony in the World
	- Conditions in Liberia
	- The Greatest Volcanoes of Mexico
	- The Fringe of Verdure Around Asia Minor
	- Notes on Normandy
	- Our Greatest Plant Food
	- Curious and Characteristic Customs of China
OCT - Mozambique, Turkey, Persia, Portugal.
	- The Portuguese Colony of Mozambique
	- The Lost Wealth of the Kings of Midas
	- A Talk About Persia and Its Women
	- The Greatness of Little Portugal
	- The Woods and Gardens of Portugal
NOV - Korea, China, Lignite, Liberia, Sparrows, Roosevelt Safari, Mistletoe, Cannibals.
	- Glimpses of Korea and China
	- A New Source of Power
	- Kboo, a Liberian Game
	- The Pest of English Sparrows
	- Mr Roosevelt's "African Game Trails"
	- The Mistletoe
	- The Man Without the Hoe
	- Among the Cannibals of Belgian Kongo
DEC - Prejudice in Far East, Mexican Transporatation, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mitla, Mexican Agriculture, San Juan Teotihuacan, North Holland Cheese, Coal Dust Briquets.
	- Race Prejudice in the Far East
	- Some Mexican Transportation Scenes
	- The Isthmus of Tehuantepec, "The Bridge of the World's Commerce"
	- Hewers of Stone
	- Agricultural Possibilities in Tropical Mexico
	- An Interesting Visit to the Ancient Pyramids of San Juan Teotihuacan
	- A North Holland Cheese Market
	- An Ideal Fuel Manufactured out of Waste Products

JAN - Africa, US Population, Women of the World, Damascus, Philippines, Dumboy, Oman, Forest Fire, Mr Roosevelt's Specimens.
	- Wild Man and Wild Beast in Africa
	- The Population of the United States
	- Women of All Nations
	- Damascus, The Pearl of the Desert
	- Surveying in the Philippines
	- Dumboy, the National Dish of Liberia
	- Notes on Oman
	- Protecting Our National Forests from Fire
	- Preparing Some of Mr Roosevelt's South African Specimens
FEB - Panama Canal, Snake Dance, Wild Blueberry.
	- The Panama Canal
	- The Snake Dance
	- Taming the Wild Blueberry
MAR - Luzon Wild Men, Army & Aviation Honors, Hunting Walrus, Cuernavaca, Southern Mexico.
	- Field Sports Among the Wild Men of Luzon, Philippine Islands
	- Honors to the Army and Aviation
	- Hunting the Walrus in Berining Strait
	- Cuernavaca, the Sun-Child of the Sierras
	- Notes on Southern Mexico
APR - Sahara, Pests, Long Distance Birds, Ant Men, Africa, American Potash, South Pole, Desert Storm.
	- The Ocean of the Sahara (Supplement)
	- Pests and Parasites
	- Our Greatest Travelers: Birds that Fly from Pole to Pole; and Birds that Make 2500 Miles in a Single Flight
	- The Country of the Ant Men
	- Recent Geographic Advances, Especially in Africa
	- American Potash for America
	- The Struggle for the South Pole
	- A Storm in the Desert
	- Map of Mexico
MAY - Mexico, Lower California, Whale Hunting.
	- Map of Mexico (Supplement)
	- Our Neighbor, Mexico
	- Lower California, Mexico, a Land of Desert and Drought
	- Hunting Whales, A World Industry
JUN - Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Zambesi Falls, Animals at Night, Mount McKinley.
	- Panorama: In the Canadian Rockies
	- A Geologist's Paradise
	- Scenes in the Canadian Rockies
	- The National Geographic Society's Researches in Alaska
	- The Falls of the Zambesi
	- A Flashlight Story of an Albino Porcupine and of a Cunning but Unfortunate Coon
	- Views of Mount McKinley
JUL - Reptiles, Indian Census, Childrens' Agricultural Clubs, Woman Alpine Climber, Bees.
	- Reptiles of All Lands
	- The Indian Census of 1911
	- Boys' and Girls' Agricultural Clubs
	- A Woman's Climbs in the High Alps
	- Our Friends, the Bees
AUG - Borneo Sea Dyaks, Tunis, Morocco, Moorish Dances, Population Figures.
	- Notes on the Sea Dyaks of Borneo
	- Tunis of Today
	- A Journey in Morocco: "The Land of the Moors"
	- The Two Great Moorish Religious Dances
	- Recent Population Figures
SEP - Mole Men of Tunisia, Kaieteur Fall, British Guiana, Asia Minor Caves, Speed Boat.
	- The Mole Men: An Account of the Troglodytes of Southern Tunisia
	- The World's Greatest Waterfall: The Kaieteur Fall, in British Guiana
	- Notes from a Naturalist's Experiences in British Guiana
	- Peculiar Caves of Asia Minor
	- The Speediest Boat
OCT - Plant Immigrants, Brazilian Coffee Country, Old Wurttemberg, Tahiti.
	- New Plant Immigrants
	- A Visit to the Brazilian Coffee Country
	- A Corner of Old Wurttemberg
	- Notes on Tahiti
NOV - Japan, China, Tripoli, Rainbow Natural Bridge, Sahara Desert.
	- Glimpses of Japan
	- The Kingdon of Flowers - China
	- Tripoli: A Land of Little Promise
	- The Great Rainbow Natural Bridge
	- The Mysteries of the Desert
DEC - The Palms, Kairowan, Szechuan, CHina, Fur Seal, Panama Arbitration Treaties.
	- The Palms (Pictorial Supplement)
	- The Sacred City of the Sands
	- Populous and Beautiful Szechuan
	- Present Conditions in China
	- Making the Fur Seal Abundant
	- The Arbitration Treaties

JAN - Mediterranean Countries, Crete, Porcupines, Ekoi, Eugenics & Immigration, Young Turks, Tunisian Bronzes.
	- Map of the Countries Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, 9x18 inches
	- The Sea-Kings of Crete
	- The Quills of a Porcupine
	- Notes on the Ekoi
	- Our Immigration Laws from the Viewpoint of National Eugenics
	- The Young Turk
	- The Greek Bronzes of Tunisia
FEB - Panama Canal, Ceylon, South Pole.
	- Bird's-eye View of the Panama Canal, 9x18 inches, in Colors
	- Adam's Second Eden
	- The Pearl Fisheries of Ceylon
	- The Panama Canal
	- The Discovery of the South Pole
MAR - Angkor Wat, National Geographic Society, Antarctic Explorers.
	- The Forgotten Ruins of Indo-China
	- The National Geographic Society
	- American Discoverers of the Antarctic Continent
APR - Phillippine Volcano, German East Africa, Siam (Thailand).
	- Taal Volcano and Its Recent Disruptive Eruption
	- A Land of Giants and Pygmies
	- The Coronation of the King of Siam
MAY - Matterhorn, Kenai Peninsula, America's Valuable Fishes, California Seed Farms.
	- The Majesty of the Matterhorn (Supplement)
	- The White Sheep, Giant Moose, and Smaller Game of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
	- America's Most Valuable Fishes
	- Seed Farms in California
JUN - National Parks, Central Oregon, Mt Rainier.
	- Our National Parks
	- Scenes Among the High Cascades in Central Oregon
	- The Great White Monarch of the Pacific Northwest
JUL - Panama, Forest Fires, 141st Meridian, Babanas.
	- Little-Known Parts of Panama
	- The Fight Against Forest Fires
	- Surveying the 141st Meridian
	- Where Our Bananas Come From
AUG - Ants, Gulf Stream, Elephant Hunting, Zanzibar.
	- Notes About Ants and Their Resemblance to Man
	- The Grandest and Most Mighty Terrestrial Phenomenon: The Gulf Stream
	- Elephant Hunting in Equatorial Africa with Rifle and Camera
	- Zanzibar
SEP - Luzon Head-Hunters.
	- Head-Hunters of Northern Luzon
OCT - China, Llasa.
	- Map of China (Supplement)
	- The Wonderful Canals of China
	- The Most Extraordinary City in the World
	- China's Treasures
NOV - Russian Empire, Albanians, Bulgaria, Mecedonia, Turkish Conquest, Eastern Problem.
	- Glimpses of the Russian Empire
	- The Land of Promise
	- The Albanians
	- The Rise of Bulgaria
	- The Races and Religions of Macedonia
	- "Grass never Grows Where the Turkish Hoof Has Trod"
	- Two Solutions of the Eastern Problem
DEC - North Pole, Eastern Adriatic Countries, Austria-Hungary, Rumania, Blond Eskimo, Nigeria, Mount Sinai.
	- The Lure of the Frozen Desert (Supplement)
	- East of the Adriatic: Notes on Dalmatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina
	- The Land of Contrast: Austria-Hungary
	- Notes on Rumania
	- The Origin of Stefansson's Blond Eskimo
	- Sunrise and Sunset from Mount Sinai

JAN - Lightships, Lighthouses, Plant Cancer, Jerusalem, Middle East, Amundsen, Peary.
	- Beacons of the Sea: Lighting the Coasts of the United States
	- The Discovery of Cancer in Plants: An Account of Some Remarkable Experiments by the U.S. Department of Agriculture
	- From Jerusalem to Aleppo
	- Honors to Amundsen and Peary
FEB - Mount Katmai Volcano, Volcanos and Climate, Balkans, Caribbean, NGS.
	- The Recent Eruption of Katmai Volcano in Alaska
	- Do Volcanic Eruptions Affect Our Climate?
	- The Changing Map in the Balkans
	- The Countries of the Caribbean
	- Progress of the National Geographic Society
MAR - Oysters, Greece, Montenegro, Megaspelaeon, Guatemalan Temple Ruins, Quirigua, Duck & Geese, Rio Grande Islands.
	- Oysters: The World's Most Valuable Water Crop
	- Greece and Montenegro
	- Megaspelaeon, the Oldest Monastery in Greece
	- Mysterious Temples of the Jungle - The Prehistoric Ruins of Guatemala
	- Excavating at Quirigua, Guatemala
	- Saving the Ducks and Geese
	- Wandering Islands in the Rio Grande
APR - Peru.
	- In the Wonderland of Peru; The Work Accomplished by the Peruvian Expedition of 1912, Under the Auspices of Yale University and the National Geographic Society
MAY - Mount Robson, Insects, Llama's Motor Car.
	- Panorama of Mount Robson Peak and Glaciers (Pictorial Supplement)
	- The Monarch of the Canadian Rockies
	- Monsters of Our Back Yards
	- The Llama's Motor Car
JUN - Common Birds, Washington DC, Curious Scenes.
	- Fifty Common Birds of Farm and Orchard
	- Birds May Bring You More Happiness than the Wealth of the Indies
	- Chinese Pigeon Whistles
	- The Nation's Capital
	- Curious Scenes in Out-of-the-way Places
JUL - Animals at Night, Burma.
	- Wild Animals that Took Their Own Pictures by Day and by Night (with Pictorial Supplement)
	- Untoured Burma
	- Scenes in Out-of-the-Way Places
AUG - Mont Blanc, Italian Lakes.
	- The Ascent of Mont Blanc
	- Gems of the Italian Lakes
SEP - Ancient Egypt, Egypt's History, Abydos Tombs.
	- The Resurrection of Ancient Egypt
	- Reconstructing Egypt's History, The Work of the Egypt Exploration Fund
	- The Sacred Ibis Ceremony and Jackal Catacombs at Abydos
OCT - Rumania, Daghestan, Common Eel, Typhoid.
	- Rumania and Her Ambitions
	- An Island in the Sea of History
	- The Mysterious Life of the Common Eel
	- Our Army versus a Bacillus
NOV - Philippines.
	- The Non-Christian Peoples of the Philippine Islands
DEC - Holy Men of India, Madura, Texas.
	- Religious Penances and Punishments Self-inflicted by the Holy Men of India
	- The Marriage of the Gods
	- Texas, Our Largest State

JAN - Northern Africa.
	- Here and There in Northern Africa
	- The Mountain - climbing Troglodytes of Tunisia
	- The University at the Mosque of the Olive Tree, Tunis
	- Concerning the Camel and the Locust
	- In Tripoli of Barbary
	- The Oasis of Northern Africa and the Sahara
FEB - Alaska Map, Panama Canal, US Resources.
	- Map of Alaska (Supplement)
	- Battling with the Panama Slides
	- The Panama Canal
	- The Nation's Undeveloped Resources
	- Probable Effect of the Panama Canal on Cemmercial Geography
MAR - Holy Land, Birds Around Home, Tropics, Southern Mexico.
	- Village Life in the Holy Land
	- Encouraging Birds Around the Home
	- Redeeming the Tropics
	- Scenes in the Byways of Southern Mexico
APR - Bhutan, New National Geographic Society Building.
	- Castles in the Air
	- The New Home of the National Geographic Society
MAY - Mexico, Birds, Vera Cruz & Tampico, Mexican Hacienda.
	- Map of Mexico in Colors (Supplement)
	- Mexico and Mexicans
	- Birds of Town and Country
	- A Naturalist's Journey Around Vera Cruz and Tampico
	- A Mexican Hacienda
JUN - Chichen Itza, Invention, US Coast & Geodetic Survey, Colonel Goethals.
	- The Home of a Forgotten Race; Mysterious Chichen Itza, in Yucatan, Mexico
	- Discovery and Invention
	- Our Guardians on the Deep
	- Honors to Colonel Goethals
JUL - Animal Photography, Japan, Gypsy Moth, Nature Conservation, Mt Desert Island, Insect Book.
	- Hunting with the Lens
	- Young Japan
	- Explorers of a New Kind
	- The Need of Conserving the Beauty and Freedom of Nature
	- The Unique Island of Mount Desert
	- A Book of Monsters
AUG - Map of Europe, Grand Canyon, Cape Cod Canal.
	- Map of Europe, with New Balkan Boundaries (Supplement)
	- Experience in the Grand Canyon
	- The Cape Cod Canal
SEP - France, Belgium, US Immigrants, Germany.
	- The France of Today
	- Belgium: The Innocent Bystander
	- The Foreign Born in the United States
	- The German Nation
OCT - Hungary, England.
	- Hungary: A Land of Shepherd Kings
	- England: The OLdest Nation of Europe
NOV - Russia.
	- Young Russia - The Land of Unlimited Possibilities
DEC - Constantinople, Bagdad, Nedjef, Turkey, Henry Gannett.
	- Life in Constantinople
	- Where Adam and Eve Lived
	- Mystic Nedjef, the Shia Mecca
	- Impressions of Asiatic Turkey
	- Henry Gannett

JAN - Holland, Jacqueline Holland, Earthquakes, Reservation Indians, Poland.
	- Glimpses of Holland
	- The City of Jacqueline
	- Some Personal Experience with Earthquakes
	- From the War-path to the Plow
	- Partitioned Poland
FEB - Machu Picchu, Munster, North Sea Fisheries, San Francisco, US Bureau of Standards.
	- The Story of Machu Picchu: The National Geographic Society - Yale University Explorations in Peru
	- Munster - The Town of Many Gables
	- Europe's Endangered Fish Supply: War and the North Sea Fisheries
	- A City of Realized Dreams
	- A Wonderland of Science
MAR - Washington, Palestine.
	- Washington: Its Beginning, Its Growth, and Its Future (with two color pullout maps)
	- Impressions of Palestine
APR - Austrian & Italian Mountians, Bulgaria, Serbia.
	- Austro-Italian Mountain Frontiers
	- Bulgaria and Its Women
	- The Kingdom of Servia
MAY - Dardanelles & Bosphorus, Constantinople, American Wild Flowers, Mayflower, Troy.
	- The Gates to the Black Sea: The Dardanelles and the Bosphorus
	- Constantinople and Sancta Sophia
	- American Wild Flowers
	- The Mayflower
	- Homer's Troy Today
JUN - Italy, Venice.
	- Frontier Cities of Italy
	- Venice
JUL - Europe Map, English Channel, California, National Parks.
	- New Map of Europe in Four Colors (Supplement)
	- Channel Ports - and Some Others
	- The Wonderland of California
	- Glimpse of Mt Rainier, Glacier National Park and Others
AUG - American Game Birds, Panama.
	- American Game Birds
	- Nature's Transformation of Panama
SEP - Eastern Beaches, Aegean Sea, London.
	- The Warfare on Our Eastern Coast
	- Historic Islands and Shores of the Aegean Sea
	- London
OCT - Greece, Armenia, Rumania.
	- Greece of Today
	- Armenia and the Armenians
	- Roumania, the Pivotal State
NOV - French Women, France, Switzerland.
	- The Beauties of France
	- The World's Debt to France
	- The Citizen Army of Switzerland
DEC - Jerusalem Locusts, Alaska Railway, Nation's Pride.
	- Jerusalem's Locust Plague
	- Alaska's New Railway
	- The Nation's Pride

JAN - World Food Supply.
	- How the World is Fed
FEB - Pre-Historic Man, Mesopotamia, Israel Archeology.
	- How Old is Man?
	- The Cradle of Civilization (Historic Lands Where Briton is Fighting Turk)
	- Pushing Back History's Horizon
MAR - Canada, Llasa, Telephone.
	- Great Britain's Bread Upon the Waters: Canada and Her Other Daughters
	- The World's Strangest Capitol
	- Voice Voyages by the National Geographic Society: A Tribute to the Geographical Achievements of the Telephone
APR - General Sherman Tree, US Scenic Wonders.
	- Panorama of the King of Trees (Pictorial Supplement)
	- The Land of the Best; A Tribute to the Scenic Grandeur and Unsurpassed Natural Resources of Our Own Country
MAY - Incas.
	- Further Explorations in the Land of the Incas by the National Geographic Society
	- Staircase Farms of the Ancients
JUN - Blueberry, America's Fisheries, American Wild Flowers, Holland's Army, Mt Desert Island.
	- The Wild Blueberry Tamed
	- America's Surpassing Fisheries
	- Common American Wild Flowers
	- The Citizen Army of Holland
	- Our First National Park East of the Mississippi
JUL - Ancient Mexico, Danish West Indies.
	- The Luster of Ancient Mexico
	- The Treasure Chest of Mercurial Mexico
	- The Venice of Mexico
	- New Map of Mexico
	- Notes on the Danish West Indies
AUG - Sardinia, Argentina, Chile, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua, Haiti, Honduras.
	- Little-known Sardinia
	- The Awakening of Argentina and Chile
	- Wards of the United States
	- A Little Journey in Honduras
SEP - Rumania, Saloniki, Mt Athos.
	- Roumania and Its Rubicon
	- Saloniki
	- The Hoary Monasteries of Mt. Athos
OCT - Italy.
	- Italy: The Gifted Mother of Civilization
NOV - North American Mammals.
	- The Larger North American Mammals
DEC - Australia.
	- Lonely Australia, The Unique Continent

JAN - Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Sequoia National Park, Game Country, British Seaports.
	- The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: National Geographic Society Explorations in the Katmai District of Alaska
	- Our Big Trees Saved
	- A Game Country Without Rival in America
	- 100 British Seaports
FEB - Immigrants, Future Inventions, World Children, Bohemia.
	- Our Foreign - Born Citizens
	- Prizes for the Inventor - Some Problems Awaiting Solution
	- Little Citizens of the World
	- Bohemia and the Czechs
MAR - Great Britain, Russia, World Republics, Food Supply, Farmers, Natural Alliances.
	- What Great Britain is Doing
	- Russia's Democrats
	- Republics - the Ladder to Liberty
	- War, Patriotism, and The Food Supply
	- Soldiers of the Soil
	- The Ties that Bind
APR - Patriotism, America, Forest Friends, France, Recruiting, French Democracy, Russia.
	- Do Your Bit for America
	- A Tribute to America
	- Friends of Our Forests
	- The Burden FRance Has Borne
	- The Call to the Colors
	- The Outspeaking of a Great Democracy
	- The Russian Situation and its Significance to America
MAY - Macedonia, Niagara Power Plant, Red Cross, Belgium, France, Poland, Duty, Poisoned World.
	- On the Monastir Road
	- Niagara at the Battle Front
	- Our Armies of Mercy
	- The Needs Abroad
	- Belgium's Plight
	- Bind the Wounds of France
	- Devastated Poland
	- America's Duty
	- Stand by the Soldier
	- A Poisoned World
	- The Red Cross Spirit
JUN - Drying Food, Alliance with France, State Flowers, Women of the World.
	- Reviving a Lost Art
	- Our First Alliance
	- Our State Flowers
	- Madonnas of Many Lands
JUL - Rats, Alexander Kerensky, Italian Front, Famines.
	- The Rat Pest -  A National Liability
	- Russia's Man of the Hour
	- Letters from the Italian Front
	- Fearful Famines of the Past
AUG - Russia, Steel, Mecca, Arabia, Bears.
	- The Forest Family (Pictorial Supplement)
	- Russia from Within
	- Industy's Greatest Asset - Steel
	- Mecca the Mystic
	- "The Flower of Paradise": Arabia
SEP - Food in War, Medicine, Russia, Health Campaign.
	- The Food Armies of Liberty; The Winning Weapon-Food
	- The Geography of Medicines
	- A Few Glimpses into Russia
	- Conserving the Nations's Man Power
OCT - Flags.
	- Our Flag Number
	- The Story of the Stars and Stripes
	- Flags of Our Army, Navy, and Government Departments
	- Our State Flags
	- Famous Flags of American History
	- The Insignia of Our Uniformed Forces
	- The Correct Display of the Stars and Stripes
	- The Flags of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia
	- The Heroic Flags of the Middle Ages
	- Flags of Pan-America
NOV / DEC - Map of Front, Soldier Cities, Training Armies, Highways, Lorraine, Scotland, the Front.
	- Map and Chart in Four Colors Showing the Location of America's Cantonments and Camps, and the Ground Plan of a Typical National Army Cantonment
	- The Geographical and Historical Environment of America's 32 New Soldier Cities
	- Training the New Armies of Liberty
	- The Immediate Necessity for Military Highways
	- In Lorraine - That Part of France Where the First American Soldiers Have Fallen
	- Gems from Scotland
	- From the Trenches to Versailles

JAN -  US Air Force, Aces, French Air Force, British Air Force, Italy's Air Force, Germany's Air Force.
	- America's Part in the Allies' Mastery of the Air
	- Aces of the Air
	- Flying in France
	- Tales of the British Air Service
	- Italy's Eagles of Combat and Defense
	- The Italian Race - An Appreciation
	- Building America's Air Army
	- The Life Story of an American Airman in France
	- The Future of the Airplane
	- Germany's Air Program
FEB - Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Food, Oil in Rocks, Army in France.
	- The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes
	- Helping to Solve Our Allies' Food Problem
	- Billions of Barrels of Oil LOcked Up in Rocks
	- Shopping Abroad for Our Army in France
MAR - Army's Health, Volga, Socotra, Llivia, Trenches.
	- The Health and Morale of America's Citizen Army
	- Voyaging on the Volga Amid War and Revolution
	- The Isle of Frankincense
	- A Unique Republic, where Smuggling is an Industry
	- Plain Tales from the Trenches
APR - American Navy, Famine, Americanism, Food Fashions, Red Cross.
	- The Gem of the Ocean: Our American Navy
	- Forerunners of Famine
	- An Appeal to Members of the Natinal Geographic Society
	- What is it to Be an American?
	- Forming New Fashions in Food
	- The National Geographic Society in War Time
	- The Symbol of Service to Mankind
MAY - World War Map, Small North American Mammals.
	- National Geographic Society Map of the Western Theatre of War
	- Smaller North American Mammals
JUN -Cooties, Atlantic Battleground, Prussianism, Germany Domination, Aces.
	- Cooties and Courage
	- A Battle Ground of Nature
	- Prussianism
	- Germany's Dream of World Domination
	- Aces Among Aces
JUL - New York City, Turkish Conquest, Geographic Wards
	- New York - Metropolis of Mankind
	- Under the Heel of the Turk
	- A Day in the Geographic Wards
AUG - Albania, Ukraine, Acorn, San Marino, Baku.
	- Bringing the World to Our Foreign-Language Soldiers
	- Recent Observations in Albania
	- The Ukraine, Past and Present
	- The Acorn, a Possibly Neglected Source of Food
	- Our Littlest Ally
	- The British Take Baku
SEP - Ships, Navy, Industry, Ocean Geography.
	- Ships for the Seven Seas
	- The American People Must Become Ship-minded
	- Our Industrial Victory
	- The War and Ocean Geography
OCT - Russia's Races, Britain, Canada, Red Cross, Holy Land.
	- Russia's Orphan Races
	- What the War Has Done for Britain
	- How Canada Went to the Front
	- The Healer of Humanity's Wounds
	- An Old Jewel in the Proper Setting
NOV - French, Price of Liberty, Russian Religion, Shipping, Coal.
	- Our Friends, the French
	- The Price of Liberty - An Appreciation
	- The Rebirth of Religion in Russia
	- An Important New Guide for Shipping
	- Coal - Ally of American Industry
	- The Spirit of the Geographic
DEC - Races of Europe.
	- The Races of Europe (with map)

JAN - Chicago, League of Nations, Medicine Fakery.
	- Chicago Today and Tomorrow
	- The League of Nations
	- Medicine Fakes and Fakers of All Ages
FEB - Mines, Sarawak, American Berries.
	- The North Sea MIne Barrage
	- Sarawak: The Land of the White Rajahs
	- American Berries of Hill, Dale, and Wayside
MAR - Dogs.
	- Mankind's Best Friend
	- Intimate Studies of Dogs We Know
	- Loyalty, Sagacity, and Courage: The Heritage of Dogkind
	- Sheep-Killers: The Pariahs of the Canine World
APR - Cone Dwellers, Murman Coast, Horse Thief Creek, Ten Thousand Smokes.
	- The Cone-Dwellers of Asia Minor
	- The Murman Coast - Our Gateway to Russia
	- On the Trail of a Horse Thief
	- The Ten Thousand Smokes Now a National Monument
MAY - Pennsylvania, Fossils, Indiana Sand Dunes, Helium.
	- The Industrial Titan of America
	- Hunting Big Game of Other Days
	- Indiana's Unrivaled Sand-dunes
	- Helium, the New Ballon Gas
JUN - Geneva, Devil-FIshing, Sight-Seeing in School, Longevity, Azores, New Germany Map.
	- The Millenial City
	- Devil-fishing in the Gulf Stream
	- Sight-seeing in School
	- Who Shall Inherit Long Life?
	- The Azores: Transatlantic Aviators' Half-way House
	- A Map of the New Germany as Provided in the Peace Conference
JUL - Jewish Struggle, Korea, Birds, Plant Hunter, Bokhara.
	- The Progressive World Struggle of the Jews for Civil Equality
	- Exploring Unknown Corners of the Hermit Kingdom
	- Masters of Flight
	- A Hunter of Plants
	- The Land of Lambskins
AUG - Games, Weavers, Astronomy, Van Armenia.
	- The Geography of Games
	- Weavers of the World
	- Exploring the Glories of the Firmament
	- Between Massacres in Van
SEP - Central American Capitals, Capri, Shantung, Samoa.
	- The Shattered Capitals of Central America
	- The Isle of Capri
	- Shantung - China's Holy Land
	- The Descendants of Confucius - Toilers of Shantung
	- America's South Sea Soldiers
OCT - South Seas People, Mexican Canaan, Wild Ducks, Central African Tribes.
	- A Vanishing People of the South Seas
	- A Mexican Land of Canaan
	- Wild Ducks as Winter Guests in a City Park
	- Curious and Characteristic Customs of Central African Tribes
NOV - Arabia, Armenia, Caucasus, Syria.
	- The Rise of the New Arab Nation
	- The Land of the Stalking Death
	- Where Slav and Mongol Meet
	- Syria: The Land Link of History's Chain
DEC - Military Insignia, Christmas on the Meuse, Reindeer
	- The Romance of Military Insignia
	- American Decorations and Insignia of Honor and Service
	- Celebrating Christmas on the Meuse
	- The Camel of the Frozen North

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