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NG Article Index 1900-1909

JAN - Phillippines, Nome Gold, Idaho/Montana Boundary, Copper River Delta, 1900 Eclipse, 1900 Census.
	- The Phillippine Islands and Their Environment, with Map Supplementof Phillippines & Far East
	- The Cape Nome Gold District
	- The Idaho and Montana Boundary Line
	- The Copper River Delta
	- Our New Possessions and the Interest They are Exciting
	- The Total Eclipse of the Sun, May 28, 1900
	- The Census of 1900
FEB - Southern Patagonia, Weather Kites, Geographic Excercises.
	- Some Geographic Features of Southern Patagonia, with a Discussion of their Origin
	- Kite Work of the Weather Bureau
	- Practical Excercises in Geography
	- Professor Henry Allen Hazen
	- Geographic Mescellanea
MAR - South Africa, Bubonic Plague, Yukon Ice Cliffs, Northern Greenland Hunting, Iberian Canal, Phillippine Diseases.
	- British South Africa and the Transval
	- The History and Geographic Distribution of Bubonic Plague
	- Ice-Cliffs on White River.  Yukon Territory
	- A Hunting Trip to Northern Greenland
	- A Canal from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean
	- Diseases of the Phillippines
	- Geographic Miscellanea
APR - Anglo-Venzuelan Boundary, Korea, Lake Nicaragua, Isthmian Canal, Navigation, Arctic/Antarctic.
	- The Anglo-Venezuelan Boundary Dispute
	- Korea - The Hermit Nation
	- An Assumed Inconsistancy in the Level of Lake Nicaragua; A Question of the Permanancy of the Nicaragua Canal
	- The Isthmian Canal Commission
	- International Arbitration and Its Possibilities
	- Helping Navigation
	- Railway Construction and Improvements
	- Where Exploration is Needed
	- Work in the Arctic and Antarctic
MAY - Russia, South Africa, Yukon Ice Cliffs, German Route to India, Cuban Census
	- Street Scene in Johannesburg
	- The Growth of Russia
	- Influence of Geographical Conditions on Military Operations in South Africa
	- Apperception in Geography
	- Ice Cliffs on White River, Yukon Territory
	- A German Route to India
	- The Cuban Census
	- Frank Hamiton Cushing
JUL - England Expansion, Bolivia, Boxer Rebellion, NGS, Tsung-Li-Yamen.
	- Portrait of G.K. Gilbert
	- The Expansion of England
	- The Road to Bolivia
	- The Chinese "Boxers"
	- National Geographic Society
	- Outline Map of the Far East
	- The Tsung-Li-Yamen
	- Map Showing the Country from Ta-Ku to Pekin
	- Geographic Notes
AUG - China Map, China Problems, CHina People, Norfolk Eclipse, USGS Hydrography, Mancuria, Porto Rico, Geographic Names, China Books.
	- Map of the Chinese Empire, Japan, and the Russian-Manchurian Railway
	- Problems in China
	- China and Her People
	- The National Geographic Society's Eclipse Expedition to Norfolk, Va
	- The Scientific Work of the National Geographic Sociey's Eclipse Expedition to Norfolk
	- Hydrographic Work of the U.S. Geological Survey
	- Railways, Rivers, and Strategic Towns in Manchuria
	- The First American Census of Porto Rico
	- U.S. Board of Geographic Names
	- Three Books on China
OCT - Prince Luigi Amadeo, Galveston Hurricane, Hunan, Africa, Arctic.
	- Prince Luigi Amadeo, Duke of Abruzzi
	- The Lessons of Galveston
	- The West Indian Hurricane of September 1-12, 1900
	- Hunan - The Closed Province of China
	- Address of the President to the Board of Managers of the National Geographic Society, June 1, 1900
	- Through the Heart of Africa
	- Nansen's "Farthest North" Eclipsed

NOV - Samoan Islands, Manila Observatory, Desert Water, Texas Hurricanes, African Fauna.
	- The Samoan Islands
	- The Manila Observatory
	- The Limited Water Supply of the Arid Region
	- Hurricanes on the Coast of Texas
	- Africa, the Largest Game Preserve in the World
DEC - Wyoming Fossils, Phillipine Gold, Teaching Physical Geography, British Science Association Geography, US Board of Geographic Names, British Trade

JAN - Submarine Cables, Indians of Patagonia, Nicaragua/Costa Rica Boundary, Nicaragua Canal, The Tsangpo, Earth Survey by USGS, Central East Africa.
	- The Influence of Submarine Cables Upon Military and Naval Supremacy
	- The Indian Tribes of Southern Patagonia, Tierra Del Fuego, and the Adjoining Islands
	- The Nicaragua Canal
	- The Tsangpo
	- Recent Contributions to our Knowledge of the Earth's Shape and Size, by the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey
	- Explorations in Central East Africa
FEB - American Exposition, Siege of Peking, Singan, Klondike, Japan & China.
	- An Around-the-World American Exposition
	- The Causes that Led Up to the Siege of Pekin
	- Singan - The Present Capital of the Chinese Empire
	- The Midnight Sun in the Klondike
	- Japan and China - Some Comparisons
MAR - Abyssinia, Yuma Trail, Sna Francisco Fog, Philippines.
	- Abyssinia - The Country and People
	- The Old Yuma Trail
	- The Sea Fogs of San Francisco
	- Geographic Facts from Report of the Taft Philippine Commission
	- The Philippine Exhibit at the Pan-American Exposition
APR - Yuma Trail, Geography Advances, Mexico.
	- The Old Yuma Trail
	- Advances in Geographic Knowledge During the Nineteenth Century
	- Mexico of Today
MAY - Latin American Government, Mexico, Alaska, George M Dawson.
	- The Latin - American Constitutions and Revolutions
	- Mexico of Today
	- The General Geography of Alaska
	- George M Dawson
JUN - China, Holland Dikes, Mexico, Sir John Murray.
	- China: Her HIstory and Development
	- The Dikes of Holland
	- Mexico of Today
	- Sir John Murray
JUL - Southwestern Asia, China, Indian Village, Abyssinia, Texas & California Oil, Seri Indians.
	- The Link Relations of Southwestern Asia
	- China: Her History and Development
	- The Indian Village of Baum
	- Oil Fields of Texas and California
	- The Seri Indians
AUG - Asia, Southwestern Asia, Tiflis/Erivan Road, Joseph Le Conte, Mount McKinley.
	- Asia, The Cradle of Humanity
	- The Link Relations of Southwestern Asia
	- The Old Post - Road from Tiflis to Erivan
	- Joseph Le Conte
	- Mount McKinley
SEP - Siberia, German Geography, Floating Bottles in Pacific, Antarctic, US Urban Population.
	- Siberia
	- German Geographers and German Geography
	- The Drift of Floating Bottles in the Pacific Ocean
	- The British Antarctic Expedition
	- Urban Population of the United States
OCT - Geographical Congress, Peary, Weather Bureau, Ethnology, Territorial Acquisitions, South Pole.
	- Next International Geographical Congress to be Held in Washington
	- Peary's Work in 1900 and 1901
	- The Weather Bureau
	- Work of the Bureau of American Ethnology
	- Boundaries of Territorial Acquisitions, With Map
	- The German South Polar Expedition
NOV - US Ethnology, Salt Deposit, Central Asia, Egypt, Kodiak, Cape Nome.
	- The Sex, Nativity, and Color of the People of the United States
	- A Remarkable Salt Deposit
	- Sven Hedin's Explorations in Central Asia
	- Recent Discoveries in Egypt
	- Kodiak, Not Kadiak
	- Origin of the Name "Cape Nome"
DEC - San Francisco/Tahiti Voyage, Texas Boundary, Ice Caves, China.
	- Diary of a Voyage from San Francisco to Tahiti and Return, 1901
	- The Lost Boundary of Texas
	- Ice Caves and Frozen Wells
	- Western Progress in China

FEB - Siberia, Geographic Instruction, Panama Canal.
	- A Trip Through Siberia
	- The Teaching of Geography
	- The Latest Route Proposed for the Isthmian Canal - The Mandingo Route
MAR - Alaska, Sarichef's Atlas, US Magnetic Survey, Tibet, Cuba, Cuban Railways, 1902 Storm, Alaskan Agriculture.
	- The Possibilities of Alaska
	- Sarichef's Atlas, 1826
	- Magnetic Survey of the United States
	- Sven Hedin in Tibet
	- American Progress in Cuba
	- Cuban Railways
	- The Storm of February 25-28, 1902
	- Agriculture in Alaska
APR - French Africa, Alaska Surveys, Ocean Currents.
	- Recent French Explorations in Africa
	- Proposed Surveys in Alaska in 1902
	- Ocean Currents
MAY - Canadian Rockies, Lake Victoria, Alaska Coal.
	- Recent Explorations in the Canadian Rockies
	- A Great African Lake
	- Coal Resources in Alaska
	- The Hubbard memorial Building
JUN - Martinique & St Vincent, Canadian Rockies, Krakatoa Eruption, Volcanoes, Mount Pelee Eruption, West Indies, Lafcadio Hearn.
	- The National Geographic Society Expedition to Martinique and St Vincent
	- Recent Explorations in the Canadian Rockies
	- The Explosion of Krakatoa
	- Volcanoes, With Map
	- The Magnetic Disturbance Caused by the Eruption of Mont Pelee
	- The National Geographic Society Expedition in the West Indies
	- Volcanic Islands of the West Indies, with map
	- Lafcadio Hearn on the Island and People of Martinique 
JUL - Martinique, West Indies Volcanoes, Saint Vincent.
	- Report by Robert T Hill on the Volcanic Disturbances in the West Indies
	- The Recent Volcanic Eruptions in the West Indies
	- Volcanic Rocks of Martinique and St Vincent
	- Chemical Discussion of Analyses of Volcanic Ejecta from Martinique and St Vincent
	- Reports of Vessels as to the Range of Volcanic Dust
AUG - Pacific Commerce, US Railroads, US Geological Survey.
	- Problems of the Pacific, The Commerce of the Great Ocean
	- Shortening Time Across the Continent
	- Fieldwork of the US Geological Survey for Season
	- Topographic Work of the US Geological Survey for Season
SEP - Pacific Economy, New Zealand, American Forestry Association.
	- Problems of the Pacific, The Great Ocean in World Growth
	- Problems of the Pacific, New Zealand
	- Summer Meeting of the American Forestry Association
OCT - Northern Rockies, Limiting River Meander Growth, Robert Peary.
	- Our Northern Rockies
	- Limiting Width of Meander Belts
	- Peary's Work in 1901-1902
NOV - John Wesley Powell, Coal Trade, Sandusky Bay, US Place Names, Himalayan Glaciers.
	- John Wesley Powell
	- The Course of the Retail Coal Trade
	- Submerged Valleys in Sandusky Bay
	- Place Names in the United States
	- Among the Great Himalayan Glaciers
DEC - Martinique & St Vincent Volcanoes, Map Copyrights, Sverdrup's Artic Exploration, Guatemala Volcano, Mount McKinley.
	- Volcanic Eruptions on Martinique and St Vincent
	- The Copyright of a Map or Chart
	- The Eruptions of La Soufriere, St Vincent, in May 1902
	- Sverdrup's Work in the Arctics
	- Volcanic Disturbances in Guatemala
	- Explorations Around Mount McKinley

MAR - Canadian Boundary, Unimak Island, Alaska Territory, Canadian Forests, Antarctic Region, Cuba, Volcanic Action.
	- The Canadian Boundary
	- Mountains of Unimak Island, Alaska
	- Opening of the Alaskan Territory
	- The Forests of Cuba
	- Theories of Volcanic Action
APR - Alaska Reindeer, Raleigh Rock, Hehequen (Sisal Hemp from Yucatan), Soufriere St Vincent Volcano.
	- Reindeer in Alaska
	- Raleigh Rock
	- Henequen, The Yucatan Fiber
	- The Eruption of the Soufriere of St Vincent
	- Explorations Among the Wrangell Mountains, Alaska
	- Scottish Antarctic Expedition
	- The Survey of the Grand Canyon
	- Geography in the University of Chicago
	- The Ascent of Mount Everest
	- Irrigation Plans in Five States
JUN - Tetrahedral Kites, Ziegler Polar Expedition, Alaska Explorations, Alaska Gold.
	- The Tetrahedral Principle in Kite Structure
	- Appendix of Seventy Illustrations of Kites and Structures Used by Alexander Graham Bell
	- Mr Ziegler and the National Geographic Society
	- Explorations in Alaska, 1903
	- Gold Discoveries in Alaska
SEP - US Mineral Resources, Fernando del Bosque Texas Expedition, Catalpa Tree, Tibet, Alaska Gardening, Abydos.
	- The United States: Her Mineral Resources
	- Expedition into Texas of Fernando del Bosque (Translated from an Old Unpublished Spanish Manuscript)
	- The Hardy Catalpa
	- Explorations in Tibet
	- Gardening in Northern Alaska
	- Excavations at Abydos
	- Foreign Commerce of the United States in 1903
	- White Population of the Chief British Colonies
OCT - Insanity in US, Peary North Polar Expedition,  Forestry & US Lumber, Aleutian Bird Eggs, Mammoth Skull, Phillippine Census.
	- The Geographical Distribution of Insanity in the United States
	- Peary and the North Pole
	- The Influence of Forestry Upon the Lumber Industry of the United States
	- Guillemot Eggs
	- Skull of the Imperial Mammoth
	- Phillippine Census
NOV - Wrangell Mountains, Central American Rubber Plantations, Ziegler Polar Expedition, Phillippine Mining, Himalaya Ascents, Mont Pelee Volcano, Richard Urquhart Goode.
	- Panorama of the Wrangell Mountains
	- The Wrangell Mountains, Alaska
	- Rubber Plantations in Mexico and Central America
	- The Ziegler Polar Expedition
	- The Work of the Mining Bureau of the Phillippine Islands
	- Record Ascents in the Himalayas
	- The New Cone of Mont Pelee
	- Richard Urquhart Goode

JAN - Alaska Boundary, Western Reclamation, Snowflakes, US Wether Bureau, Marcus baker, Sand Dunes, Timberlines, US Statistical Atlas.
	- Map Showing Alaska Boundary Decision (Supplement)
	- The Alaska Boundary Tribunal, with Map
	- The Reclamation of the West
	- Snow Crystals
	- The U.S. Weather Bureau
	- Marcus Baker
	- Controlling Sand DUnes in the United States
	- Timberlines
	- Statistical Atlas of the United States
FEB - Panama, Geographic Congress, Philippine Weather Service, Korea, Beet Sugar.
	- The Republic of Panama
	- Eighth International Geographic Congress, Washington, 1904
	- ThePhilippine Weather Service
	- Some Facts about Korea
	- The Beet Sugar Industry
	- Geographic Notes
	- Sven Hedin's "Central Asia and Tibet" (review)
	- Stutfield's and Collie's "Climbs and Explorations in the Canadian Rockies" (review)
APR - Arabia, American Deserts, Abyssinia, Panama Canal, New NGS HQ, Indian Food, Antarctic US Trade.
	- Travels in Arabia and Along the Persian Gulf
	- The American Deserts
	- Consul Skinner's Mission to Abyssinia
	- The Sailing Ship and the Panama Canal
	- The New Home of the National Geographic Society
	- Wokas - A Primitive Indian Food
	- The Antarctic Continent
	- The Dealings of the United States with the Nations of the World
MAY - Fisheries Bureau, Alaska, Antarctic, Japan, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Tibet.
	- Map of Alaska, 36 x 42 inches
	- The Bureau of Fisheries - How the Rich Fisheries of the United States are Protected and New Fishing Grounds Discovered and Created
	- The Geography of Alaska
	- Termination Land - The End of the Antarctic Continent Discovered by the American Wilkes
	- Lessons from Japan
	- Inoculating the Ground
	- The Crosby Expedition to Tibet
	- Geographic Notes
	- Our Present Population
	- The Carnegie Institution
JUN -  Insular Affairs Bureau, Land Near North Pole, Manchuria, Red Ant & Boll Weevil, Henry Stanley, World Map, Antarctic.
	- The Work of the Bureau of Insular Affairs
	- Some Indications of Land in the Vicinity of the North Pole
	- Notes on Manchuria
	- The Red Ant versus the Boll Weevil
	- Sir Henry M Stanley
	- Map of the World on the Equivalent Projection
	- Some Recent English Statements about the Antarctic
JUL - Philippines, Weather Forecasting, Tibet, The Bullock, Puerto Rico Harbor.
	- Governing the Philippine Islands
	- Forecasting the Weather
	- Notes on Tibet
	- The Bullock - Workman Explorations
	- A New Harbor in Porto Rico
AUG - Peru, Japanese Farming, Lake Clark.
	- Peru - Its Resources, Development, and Future
	- Agriculture in Japan
	- Lake Clark, a Little-known Alaskan Lake
	- The Geographical Pivot of History
SEP - Southwest Mexico, Alaskan Telegraph, Japanese Fisheries, USGS, Utah Natural Bridges.
	- A Winter Expedition into Southwestern Mexico
	- Building the Alaskan Telegraph Line
	- The Fisheries of Japan
	- What the US Geological Survey has Done in 25 Years
	- Colossal Natural Bridges in Utah
	- Gazetteers of the States
	- A Notable Norwegian Publication
	- Program and List of Delegates and Members of the Eighth International Geographic Congress
OCT - Robert Peary, US Geographers, Map of World, Africa Exploration, Naval Observatory Time.
	- Address by Commander Robert E Peary on the Assembling of the Eighth International Geographic Congress in Washington
	- Some Early Geographers of the United States
	- Recent Progress in the Execution of a Map of the World on the Uniform Scale of 1:1,000,000
	- Methods of Exploration in Africa
	- The Special Telegraphic Time Signal from the Naval Observatory in Honor of the Eighth International geographic Congress
	- Resolutions Adopted by the Eighth International Geographic Congress
	- Abstracts of Geographic Congress Papers
NOV - Northern Nigeria, Mount Weather, Japan, Alaska Glaciers, Forest Management, Japanese Earthquakes.
	- The New English Province of Northern Nigeria
	- Scientific Work of Mount Weather Meteorological Research Observatory
	- Some Facts about Japan
	- The Glaciers of Alaska
	- Land of Earthquakes
DEC - China, Doubtful Island, US Cable Lines, Bird City, Fossil Egg, Alaska Wealth.
	- China
	- A Doubtful Island of the Pacific
	- The United States Government Telegraph and Cable Lines, With Maps
	- A Bird City
	- A Fossil Egg
	- The Wealth of Alaska
	- Geographic Notes
	- Geographic Congress Extracts
	- Hosie's "Manchuria and Its People" (Review)

JAN - Immigration, Llasa, US Farmers, Philippine Education, China.
	- The Character of Our Immigration - Past and Present
	- Our Immigration in 1904
	- Views of Llasa
	- The Farmers of the United States
	- Educating the Filipinos
	- Geographic Notes
	- Why No Americans Have Received Nobel Prizes
	- Progress in China
MAR - Japanese People, US Geographic Names, Tanana Gold Fields, German Industrial Training, Levant, Philippines, Western Irrigation, Earth's Heat, USGS Maps, US Consuls.
	- The Characteristics of the Japanese People
	- Geographic Names in the United States and the Stories They Tell
	- A Growing Camp in the Tanana Gold Fields, Alaska
	- The Industrial Training of the German People
	- Philip Nolan and the "Levant"
	- Progress in the Philippines
	- The Gardens of the West
	- The Cause of the Earth's Heat
	- Maps Recently Issued by the U.S. Geological Survey
	- Notes from Our Consuls
APR - Philippinos, Geography Lessons, Ziegler Polar Expedition, Geographic Congress.
	- A Revelation of the Filipinos.  Illustrated by 130 Pictures Showing the Types of People, Their Manner of Life and Industries, Their Country and Resources
	- Some Lessons in Geography
	- The Ziegler Polar Expedition
	- The Eighth International Geographic Congress
MAY - Japan Fisheries, Japanese History, Guam, National Geographic Society, Use of Desert, Alaska.
	- The Fisheries of Japan
	- A Chapter from Japanese History
	- Our Smallest Possession - Guam
	- National Geographic Society
	- Utilizing the Desert
	- The Exploration of Alaska
JUN - Weather Forecasting, Manchurian War.
	- Forecasting the Weather and Storms
	- Map Showing Seat of War in Manchuria
JUL - Russian Government, Anglo-Japanese Alliance, Goose Fish Egg Mass, US Mines, NGS Home, Geographical Balance, Victoria Falls, William Ziegler, Japanese Commerce.
	- The Evolution of Russian Government
	- The Purpose of the Anglo - Japanese Alliance
	- The Purple Veil - A Romance of the Sea
	- Our Mines and Quarries
	- The Home of the National Geographic Society
	- The Geographical Balance
	- Victoria Falls
	- William Ziegler
	- The Foreign Commerce of Japan
AUG - Philippines, Forestry, Central Great Plains.
	- Map of the Philippine Islands (Supplement)
	- The Philippines.  By Secretary of War, Hon. William H Taft
	- Forestry at Home and Abroad
	- The Central Great Plains
SEP - Orient Commerce, USGS Maps, Fox Island Alaska, Norway & Sweden, Europe Population, Japan & US, US Immigration, Exports, City Statistics, Value of Rairoad Property, Ziegler Polar Expedition.
	- Commercial Prize of the Orient
	- Maps Recently Published by the U.S. Geological Survey
	- Some Notes on the Fox Island Passes, Alaska
	- A Comparison of Norway and Sweden
	- European Populations
	- Japan and the United States
	- Our Immigration in 1905
	- Exports of Manufactures
	- Statitics of Cities
	- The Commercial Valuation of Railway Operating Property in the United States
	- The Ziegler Polar Expedition
OCT - Panama Canal, World Canals.
	- Map of the Region of the Panama Canal (Supplement)
	- The Panama Canal
	- Progress on the Panama Canal
	- The Great Canals of the World
NOV - Geography, Central Asia, Children Population, Alaska, Phillippines, U.S. Resources, Forests, Cotton, Southern States Polulation.
	- Geography
	- The Birthplace of Civilization
	- The Proportion of Children in the United States
	- The Returns from Alaska
	- We Occupy the Best Position on the Map
	- Forests Vital to Our Welfare
	- Cotton and the Chinese Boycott
	- Immigration to the United States
	- Gannett's "Commercial Geography" (Review)
	- Alleyne Ireland's "The Far Eastern Tropics" (Review)
	- NGS
DEC - Bombay, China & US, Panama Canal, Russian Literature.
	- The Parsees and the Towers of Silence at Bombay, India
	- China and the United States
	- What Has Been Accomplished by the United States Toward Building the Panama Canal
	- Russia in Recent Literature

JAN - Geographical Exploration, Florida Keys, Annual Banquet,Amundsen, Russians, Geo. Literature.
	- Geographical Exploration; Its Moral and Material Aspects
	- The Florida Keys
	- The Annual Banquet of the National Geographic Society
	- A Modern Viking
	- Drifting Across The Pole
	- Some Russian Pictures
	- Geographical Literature
	- Effects of Tropical Light on White Men
	- Correspondence
	- Geographical Squibs
FEB - Panama Canal, Alaska Transportation, Western Desert Reclamation, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Isle of Pines, US Survey, Alaska, Universal Geography Dictionary.
	- The Panama Canal
	- Transportation Methods in Alaska
	- Winning the West: An Account of the Marvelous Progress of Our Reclamation Service in Reclaiming the Desert
	- Arizona and New Mexico
	- Big Oklahoma
	- The Isle of Pines
	- Surveying the United States
	- What is Known of Alaska
	- A Dictionary of Universal Geography
MAR - Morocco, Weights & Measures.
	- Morrocco, The Land of the Extreme West, and the Story of My Captivity
	- Our Heterogenous Sustem of Weights and Measures
APR - Plant Immigrants, Polar Airship.
	- Our Plant Immigrants; An Account of Some of the Results of the Work of the Office of Seed and Plant Introduction of the Department of Agriculture and of Some of the Problems in Process of Solution
	- The Polar Airship
MAY - Sudan, Yukon, Vesuvius, San Francisco Earthquake.
	- The New British Empire of the Sudan
	- The "Break-up" of the Yukon
	- Scenes of Vesuvius and in Naples
	- The Probable Cause of the San Francisco Earthquake
	- The Record of the Great Earthquake written in Washington by the Seismograph of the U.S. Weather Bureau
	- The San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906, as Recorded by the Coast and Geodetic Survey Magnetic Observatories
JUN - World Cotidal Lines, North Carolina Wind Power, Mount Vesuvius, California Earthquake, South African Diamonds, Canadian Immigration, Luray Caverns, Panama Canal.
	- Cotidal Lines for the World
	- Where Wind Does the Work
	- The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, April 7-8, 1906
	- Illustrations of Damage by the California Earthquake
	- The Diamond MInes of South Africa
	- Canadian Immigration
	- The Luray Caverns
	- Notes on the Panama Canal
JUL - Animals at Night.
	- Photographing Wild Game with Flashlight and Camera
AUG - South America, Gypsy Moth.
	- Map of South America (Supplement)
	- South America Fifty Years Hence
	- New Peruvian Route to the Plain of the Amazon
	- From Panama to Patagonia
	- The Fertile Pampas of Argentine
	- The Falls of Iguazu
	- The Gypsy Moth
	- The Shattered Obelisk of Mont Pelee
	- What the Latin-American Republics Think of the Pan-American Conferences
SEP - Death Valley, Japan, Canadian Forests, US Animal Wealth, Japanese Fish Farms.
	- The Deserts of Nevada and the Death Valley
	- Japan, America, and the Orient
	- The Forests of Canada
	- The Vast Timber Belts of Canada
	- Animal Wealth of the United States
	- Cultivation of Marine and Fresh-water Animals in Japan
	- The Lumber Business of the Government
OCT - Cuba.
	- Cuba, the Pearl of the Antilles
	- Map of Cuba (Supplment)
NOV - Eclipse, Ceylon, Spanish Main, Peary, Irrigation, Forest Service.
	- The American Eclipse Expedition
	- The Buried City of Ceylon
	- Three Towns of the Spanish Main
	- Peary's "Farthest North"
	- Two Great Undertakings
DEC - China, Siamese Elephant Hunt, Latin America.
	- Present Conditions in China
	- The Greatest Hunt in the World
	- Latin America and Columbia

JAN - Gliders & Kites, Colorado River Breech (Salton Sea), Peary, South America, Polar Ice.
	- Aerial Locomotion
	- The New Inland Sea (An Account of the Colorado River Break)
	- Honors to Peary
	- An Awakened Continent to the South of  Us
	- Fighting the Polar Ice
FEB - Ecuador, Persia, Antarctic, India Ghats, US Coal, Polar Photography, Forest Service.
	- Beautiful Ecuador
	- Persia, Past and Present
	- An Ice-Wrapped Continent
	- The Burning and Bathing Ghats of India
	- How Long Will Our Coal Reserves Last?
	- Polar Photography
	- Notes on the Forest Service and Geographic Literature
MAR - Ceylon, Alaska Railways, Maoris, Natural Bridges, Doubtful Island, Hudson Bay, Sierras, Snowmobiles.
	- Archaeology in the Air
	- Railway Routes in Alaska
	- The Maoris of New Zealand
	- The Great Natural Bridges of Utah
	- A Recent Report from the Doubtful Island Region
	- The Possibilities of the Hudson Bay Country
	- The Hudson Bay Country
	- The High Sierra
	- Motor Sledges in the Antarctic
APR - Water, Eastern Women & Children.
	- Millions for Moisture; An Account of the Work of the US Reclamation Service
	- Women and Children of the East
MAY - Petra, U.S. Swamp Lands, Russian Revolution, Immigrants, Liberia, Victoria British Columbia.
	- The Rock City of Petra
	- Reclaiming the Swamp Lands of the United States
	- The Revolution in Russia
	- Some of Our Immigrants
	- The Black Republic, Liberia
	- The Climate of Victoria, British Columbia
JUN - Imported Fish, Big Horn Mountains, Paramaribo, Guiana Wilderness, Fish Nests, Turtles & Lizards, World Facts, Geographers.
	- Our Fish Immigrants
	- The Big Horn Mountains
	- The City that was Exchanged for New York
	- An Impression of the Guiana Wilderness
	- Fishes that Build Nests and Care for Their Young
	- Notes on the Remarkable Habits of Certain Turtles and Lizards
	- Some Useful Facts about Countries of the World
	- Four Prominent Geographers
JUL - Arctic, National Altruism, Peary, Spitzbergen, Arctic Expeditions, East Indians, American Indians.
	- Some Recent Instances of National Altruism
	- Seventy-five Days in the Arctics
	- No Man's Land - Spitzbergen
	- Arctic Expeditions COmmanded by Americans
	- The East Indians in the New World
	- North American Indians
AUG - Mexico, Forests, Animals at Night, Budapest.
	- Mexico - The Treasure House of the World
	- Saving the Forests
	- Flashlights from the Jungle
	- Saint Stephen's Fete in Budapest
SEP - Papua, Bolivia, US Weather Bureau, Pacific Magnetic Survey, Grizzly Hunting, North Africa, Siberian Mammoth.
	- Strange Sights in Far-Away Papua
	- Bolivia - A Country Without a Debt
	- Our Heralds of Storm and Flood - Being an Account of the Various Acitivites of the United States Weather Bureau in Saving Life and Property
	- The Work in the Pacific Ocean of the Magnetic Survey Yacht "Galilee"
	- Hunting the Grizzly in British Columbia
	- Scenes from North Africa
	- A Strange and Remarkable Beast
OCT - Chinese Jews, Tirnova Gardens, Chinese Geologists, Koyasan, Tetrahedral Tower, Chicago Canal.
	- The Chinese Jews
	- Tirnova, the City of Hanging Gardens
	- Geologists in China
	- Koyasan, the Japanese Valhalla
	- Dr Bell's Tetrahedral Tower
	- The Deep-water Route from Chicago to the Gulf
NOV - Methods of Travel, Fish Farming, East Africa HUnting, Iceland.
	- Queer Methods of Travel in Curious Corners of the World
	- Planting Fishes in the Ocean
	- Hunting Big Game in Portuguese East Africa
	- A Visit to Lonely Iceland
	- The Land of Fire
	- Meetings of National Geographic Society
DEC - Madeira, Round Earth, Agriculture, Nuts, Egypt, Congo, Geographical Books, Death Valley.
	 - Madeira on the Way to Italy
	 - A Simple Method of Proving that the Earth is Round
	 - The Modern Alchemist
	 - The Uses of Nuts as Food
	 - American Discoveries in Egypt
	 - The Truth About the Congo
	 - Geographical Books of the Year
	 - Proposed Change in the By-Laws of the National Geographic Society
	 - Imagination and Geography

JAN - South Seas, Salton Sink, Costa Rican Salt, Kite, Colorado River Changes, Amudsen, Glacier Bay.
	- In the Savage South Seas
	- Studies on the Rate of Evaporation at Reno, Nevada, and in the Salton Sink
	- Methods of Obtaining Salt in Costa Rica
	- Dr Bell's Man-lifting Kite
	- More Changes of the Colorado River
	- Honors for Amundsen
	- The Recession of the Glaciers of Glacier Bay, Alaska
	- The National Geographic Society
FEB - Birds, Eugenics, Carnegie Institute, Salmon, World's Children, Phillippines, Bear Hunt.
	- The Policemen of the Air
	- A Few Thoughts Concerning Eugenics
	- The Carnegie Institution
	- A Jumping Salmon
	- Children of the World
	- Ten Years in the Philippines
	- A Bear Hunt in Montana
MAR - Congo, Niger, Bread, Alaska, Reclaiming Swampland, Haiti, Madura Temples, Oysters.
	- A Journey Through the Eastern Portion of the Congo State
	- In the Valley of the Niger
	- Making Bread (around the world)
	- Marking the Alaskan Boundary
	- A Drowned Empire
	- Haiti: A Degenerating Island - The Story of its Past Grandeur and Present Decay
	- The Manura Temples
	- The Native Oysters of the West Coast
APR - Inca Highway, Lop-Nor Basin (Turkestan), Hawaii, Nik-ko (Japan).
	- Along the Old Inca Highway
	- Home-Making by the Government: An Account of the Eleven Immense Irrigating Projects to be Opened in 1908
	- Medieval Tales of the Lop Basin in Central Asia
	- The Key to the Pacific
	- Hawaii for Homes
	- Why Nik-ko is Beautiful
MAY - Dalmatia, Mentenegro, Herzegovina, American Fable, Bear Hunting, Persia.
	- Where East Meets West; A Visit to Picturesque Dalmatia, Montenegro, and Herzegovina
	- An American Fable
	- Hunting Bears on Horseback
	- Persia: the Awakening East
JUN - Animals at Night.
	- One Season's Game-Bag With the Camera
JUL - Mt Wilson Observatory, Dutch New Guinea, Cuba Mahogany, Korea, Human Habitation, Mt Hood.
	- The Magic Mountain
	- Notes on a Zoological Collecting Trip to Dutch New Guinea
	- Among the Mahogany Forests of Cuba
	- Notes and Scenes from Korea
	- Some Human Habitations
	- Is Our Noblest Volcano Awakening to New Life?
AUG - Dutch New Guinea, The Pacific, Ziban Queen.
	- Further Notes on Dutch New Guinea
	- The Pacific: The MOst Explored and Least Known Region of the Globe
	- Biskra, The Ziban Queen
SEP - Andes, Holland, Shoes, Black Forest, Peary Arctuc Club.
	- Wonderful Sights in the Andean Highlands
	- Holland, as Seen from a Dutch Window
	- How the World is Shod
	- Peasant Life in the Black Forest
	- Ten Years of the Peary Arctic Club
OCT - Cuzco, Cork, Wild Africa, Conservation League of America.
	- Cuzco, America's Ancient Mecca
	- Cork
	- Across Wildest Africa
	- Conservation League of America
NOV - Asia Minor, Bulgaria, Servia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Mexican Oil.
	- The Ruined Cities of Asia Minor
	- Bulgaria, the Peasant State
	- Servia and Montenegro
	- Notes on Macedonia
	- The Oil Treasure of Mexico
DEC - Croatia, Asia Minor Ruins, US Southern Coast, Korea, Whalebone.
	- In Quaint, Curious Croatia
	- Some Ruined Cities of Asia Minor
	- Our Neglected Southern Coast
	- Where Everybody Dresses in White
	- The Production of Whalebone

JAN - Asia Minor Cities, China, Forest Service, Mohammedan Women, Turkey, NGS Banquet.
	- The Buried Cities of Asia Minor
	- Lessons from China
	- The Value of the United States Forest Service
	- The Emancipation of Mohammedan Women
	- Sunshine in Turkey
	- Annual Banquet of the National Geographic Society
FEB - La Paz, Euphrates Mountaineers, Damascus/Mecca Railway, Asia Minor, Bogoslav Island, Cuba Census, Waste.
	- Kaleidiscopic La Paz: The City of the Clouds
	- The Mountaineers of the Euphrates
	- One Thousand Miles of Railway Built for Pilgrims and Not for Dividends
	- Scenes in Asia Minor
	- Jack in the Box.  An Account of the Strange Performances of the Most Wonderful Island in the World
	- Conditions of Cuba as Revealed by the Census
	- A wasteful Nation
MAR - Africa Map, T.Roosevelt Hunt, Ruwenzori, Natal, Afr. Magnetic Surv., Afr. Scenes, North Africa.
	- Map of Africa, Showing Railway and Telegraphic Lines, Elevations, and Latest Geog. Data
	- Where Roosevelt Will Hunt; The Most Interesting Geographical Region in the World
	- Amid the Snow Peaks of the Equator: a Naturalist's Explorations Around Ruwenzori, with an Account of the Terrible Scourge of Sleeping Sickness
	- Natal, the Garden Colony
	- The Magnetic Survey of Africa
	- Scenes in Africa
	- The French in North Africa
APR - Alaska Brown Bear, Panama Canal, D.C. Boundary Stones, Leach's Petrel, Baltimore Sewer, Sicilian Earthquake, Red Cross, Antarctic.
	- Hunting the Great Brown Bear of Alaska
	- The Panama Canal
	- The Original Boundary Stones of the District of Columbia
	- The Leach's Petrel; His Nursery on Little Duck Island
	- Colossal Work in Baltimore
	- The World's Most Cruel Earthquake
	- The American Red Cross in Sicily
	- Shackleton's Farthest South
MAY - West, Ornithologist, Delecarlia, Mice, NG Society, Alaska.
	- The Call of the West
	- Camps and Cruises of an Ornithologist
	- In Beautiful Delecarlia
	- A Plague of Mice
	- The National Geographic Society
	- Greely's Handbook of Alaska
JUN - Highest Mountains, Mt Rainier, State Elevations, Brittany, Future Natural Res., Alaska, India.
	- The World's Highest Altitudes and First Ascents
	- A Wonderland of Glaciers and Snow
	- The Highest Point in Each State
	- Brittany, The Land of the Sardine
	- When Our Country is Fifty Years Older
	- The National Geographic Society Expedition to Alaska
	- Wonderful Scenes in India
JUL - Alaska Economy, Alaska Boundary, Alaska Coast, Alaska Mountains, Alaska Big Game, Giant Fish, Pacific Northwest, Eucalyptus Tree, Alaska Magnetic Meas, Alaska Agriculture.
	- The Economic Evolution of Alaska
	- Marking the Alaskan Boundary
	- Charting a Coast-Line of 26,000 Miles
	- The Monarchs of Alaska
	- The Big Game of Alaska
	- Some Giant Fishes of the Seas
	- Our Pacific Northwest
	- The Tallest Tree That Grows
	- The Eucalyptus Tree
	- Magnetic Observations in Alaska
	- Agricultural Capacity of Alaska
AUG - Colorado Desert, Herring, Insect Bourne Disease, Central Asian Desert.
	- The Colorado Desert
	- King Herring
	- Economic Loss to the People of the United States Through Insects that Carry Disease
	- Life in the Great Desert of Central Asia
SEP - Glass-Bottom Boat, Crete, Afghanistan, Monasteries of Thessaly, Tsankawi, Water Hazards, Wheeler Natl Mon.
	- The Glass-bottom Boat
	- Explorations in Crete
	- The Afghan Borderland
	- With Monks at Meteora: The Monasteries of Thessaly
	- The Prehistoric Ruin of Tsankawi
	- Hidden Perils of the Deep
	- The Wheeler National Monument
OCT - Burma, Afghanistan, Greenland, North Pole
	- Notes on Burma
	- The Afghan Borderland
	- Scenes from Greenland
	- TheDiscovery of the Pole
	- First Report by Dr Frederick A Cook
	- First Report by Commander Robert E Peary
	- Hunting and Fishing Tales from Brazil
NOV - India Temples, Antarctic.
	- The Temples of India
	- The Heart of the Antarctic
DEC - Moses, Arabia, Sicily, Nicaragua.
	- Route Over Which Moses Led the Children of Israel Out of Egypt
	- Arabia, the Desert of the Sea
	- A Country Where Going to America is an Industry
	- Turbulent Nicaragua

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